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Ultra Measure Master

Ultra Measure Master does the thinking for you!

Ultra Measure Master

Price: $39.95

Product Code: 8025

Binding: Calculator

Publisher: Calculated Industries

Ultra Measure Master is the perfect tool for engineers, architects, construction pros, scientists and students. With this advanced device, there is no more need for memorizing conversion formulas! This easy-to-use U.S. Standard to Metric conversion calculator can convert over 60 imperial and Metric (SI) units- more than 400 conversion combinations! The Ultra Measure Master meets federal highway metrication requirements.

Dimensional Math and Conversions

  • More than Sixty Standard and Metric (SI) units built-in for fast, reliable conversions on the job or in the office.
  • Over 400 conversion combinations!
  • Works in and convert between Feet, Inches, Fractions, Yards, Meters, Centimeters and Millimeters – including Square and Cubic formats.

Dedicated Functions

  • Linear: Feet-Inch-Fractions or Yards, Miles, Decimal Feet/Inch Fractions, Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters and Kilometers.
  • Area: Feet-Inch-Fraction, Yards, Acres, Square-Miles, Millimeters, Centimeters and Meters, Hectares, Square-Kilometers.
  • Volume: Cubic Feet, Inch, Yards, Acre-Feet, Board Feet, Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters, Kilometers, Miles, Gallons, Liters, and Fluid Ounces.
  • Weight: Pounds, Dry Ounces, Tons, Metric Tons, Grams and Kilograms
  • Weight per Volume: Tons per Cubic Yard, Pounds per Cubic Yard, and Kilograms per Cubic Meter.
  • Linear Velocity: Inches and Feet per Second, Feet per Minute, Miles per Hour, Minute and Hour, Millimeters and Meters per Second /Minute and Kilometers per Hour.
  • Flow Rate: Ounces per Second, Gallons per Minute, Milliliters and Liters per Second.
  • Pressure: Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), Pounds per Square Foot (PSF), kilo-Pascal, mega-Pascal and Bars.
  • Bending Moment: Inch-Pounds, Foot-Pounds and Newton Meters.
  • Temperature: Fahrenheit (°F) and Centigrade (°C).

Added Features

  • User Preferences – set custom options: Fractions, Area, VolumeCost per Unit: Solve unit cost and pricing Backspace Key: Easily correct entry errors"Paperless” Tape: Allows review of the last 20 entries; double-check totals.
  • Standard Calculations: works as a math calculator with %, +, -, x, ÷, +/- Π, 1/x, X2, and √


  • Protective 360° Hard Cover Door

Spec Summary:

5.7” x 3.0” x 0.65” (145 mm x 76 x 17 mm)
4.15 oz. (117.7 gm) – does not include Pocket Reference Guide
Single 3-Volt Lithium Battery (CR-2016)
Display Type:
LCD, 11 Digits (7 Normal, 4 Fractions) with Full Annunciators
0.73” x 2.56” (19 mm x 65 mm)
12 Digit Internal Accuracy

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