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Telephone Projects for the Evil Genius

Optimize your life with these telephone projects

Telephone Projects for the Evil Genius

Price: $24.95

Product Code: 9780071548441

ISBN: 9780071548441


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Listen up! Telephone Projects for the Evil Genius has everything you need to build and customize both wired and wireless phone gadgets that not only save you money, but also improve the quality of your life!Using easy-to-find parts and tools for creating both retro and modern phone projects, this do-it-yourself guide begins with some background on the development of the land line phone and the cell. You’ll review basic building techniques, such as installing components, building circuits, and soldering. Then you’ll dive into the projects, which, while they range from easy to complex, are all designed to optimize your time and simplify your life! 384 pp.

Telephone Projects for the Evil Genius:

  • Features step-by-step instructions for 40 clever and practical phone projects, complete with 150 how-to illustrations
  • Shows you how to enhance both wire-connected phones and cell phones
  • Leaves room for you to customize your projects
  • Removes the frustration-factor-all the parts you need are listed, along with sources

From simple phone gadgets to sophisticated remote control devices, Telephone Projects for the Evil Genius provides you with all the schematics, charts, and tables you need to complete such fun projects as:

  • Ringing phone light flasher
  • Telephone amplifier
  • Telephone ring-controlled relay
  • Remote telephone bell project
  • Touch tone generator
  • Phone voice scrambler
  • Caller ID decoder project
  • TeleAlert phone pager and control
  • Wireless remote phone ringer
  • Conferencer
  • And much more!

Table of Contents:

  • Install components and building circuits
  • How to Solder
  • Phone line tester
  • Telephone line monitor
  • Telephone line simulator
  • Detecting a telephone RING circuits
  • Ringing phone light flasher
  • Cut phone line detector
  • Simple Phone Tap
  • Telephone amplifier
  • Telephone hold button
  • Telephone hold box with music
  • Telephone In Use (BUSY) LED Indicator
  • Telephone In Use (BUSY) relay control circuit
  • Telephone audio interface
  • Phone patch/mixer for radio applications
  • Telephone recording adaptor circuit
  • Remote telephone bell project
  • Telephone ring controlled relay
  • 1 line telephone status indicator
  • 4 line telephone status indicator
  • Telephone Ring Generator
  • Touch tone generator
  • Build a telephone project
  • Telephone auto-dialer
  • Talking phone dial monitor
  • Telephone privacy protection project
  • FM telephone bug transmitter
  • Telephone intercom
  • Speaker Phone project
  • Home made PBX / PABX
  • DTMF - Touch-Tone Decoder & display
  • Infinity transmitter project -Hook switch bypass -harmonica bug
  • PhoneVoice changer
  • Telephone Voice scrambler
  • Voice stress monitor
  • Tone Grabber -Touch Tone number reader
  • DTMF controller
  • Caller ID decoder project
  • Telealart phone pager
  • TeleAlert phone control project

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