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Telecommunications Cabling Installation 2nd Edition (Print on Demand)

A step by step guide to Telecommunications Cabling Installation

Telecommunications Cabling Installation 2nd Edition (Print on Demand)

Price: $99.00

Product Code: 9780071409797

ISBN: 9780071409797


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Get the most useful tool a cabling installer can have!

There’s an acute need for trained and qualified cable installers NOW. That’s why industry leaders McGraw-Hill and BICSI have joined forces to provide the most reliable cable installation training manual available anywhere. Field-tested by tens of thousands of technicians in 85 countries, BICSI’s Telecommunications Cabling Installation is the #1 choice for anyone needing clear cable installation guidelines, parameters, codes, terms, and acronyms. It is the clearest, most complete guide to the ins and outs of installing cable.

Each task is broken into bulleted steps, providing to-the-point overviews of each task’s place in “the big picture”. Its focus on pathways, spaces, associated hardware, and structured cabling systems enables channel/link testing within buildings. You’ll find guidelines for installing supporting structures, pulling cable, firestopping, grounding, terminating, splicing, connecting, testing, troubleshooting, retrofitting, safety, and transmission. Includes coverage of LANs, twisted pair, fiber, Gigabit Ethernet -every system installers need to know! Reduce errors with handy checklists, and much more! 664 pp.

Telecommunications Cabling Installation - Table of Contents:

  • Background Information
    • Industry Orientation
    • Regulations and Court Rulings in the United States
    • Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)
    • Codes, Standards, and Regulations
    • Codes Affecting Telecommunications
    • Standards Affecting Telecommunications
    • Recognized Regulatory and Reference Bodies
    • Plans and Specifications
    • Media
    • Connectorization
    • Transmission
    • Copper Cable Media
    • Optical Fiber Cable Media
    • Grounding and Bonding
    • Protection Systems
    • Telecommunications Grounding Practices
    • Telecommunications Bonding Practices
    • System Practices
    • Equipment Grounding
    • Telecommunications Circuit Protectors
    • Protector Technology
    • Primary Protector Installation Practices
    • Common Safety Practices
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Hazardous Environments—Indoor
    • Electrical Hazards
    • Hazardous Environments—Outdoors
    • Safety Planning
    • Appendix A: Job-Site Inspection Checklist
    • Professionalism

  • Planning

    • Introduction
    • Putting the Plan to Use
    • Summary
      • Appendix A: Designer’s Drawings
      • Appendix B: Materials List
      • Appendix C: Labor List
      • Appendix D: Project Time Line
      • Appendix E: Project Schedule
      • Appendix F: Site Survey Checklists
      • Appendix G: Job Change Order
      • Appendix H: Scope of Work (Example)

  • Installing Supporting Structures

    • Introduction
    • Support Structures in Telecommunications Spaces
    • Cable Pathway Support Structures
    • Installing Cable Support Systems
    • Installing Grounding Infrastructure


    • Introduction
    • Common Project Procedure
    • Cable Pulling Setup (Horizontal)
    • Pulling Horizontal Cable in Conduit
    • Pulling Horizontal Cable in Ceiling Spaces
    • Pulling Horizontal Cable in Raceways
    • Pulling Backbone in Vertical Pathway—From Top Down
    • Pulling Backbone in Vertical Pathway—From Bottom Up
    • Pulling Backbone—Horizontal
    • Pulling Optical Fiber Cable

  • Firestopping

    • Introduction
    • Protection Codes and Ratings
    • Firestopping Systems
    • Firestopping Methods
      • Appendix A: Numbering System
      • Appendix B: Firestopping Decision Methods
      • Appendix C: Approved Firestopping Methods

  • Cable Termination Practices

    • Introduction
    • Pretermination Functions
    • Copper Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) Termination
    • Coaxial Cable Terminations
    • Fiber Termination

  • Splicing

    • Copper Cable
    • Optical Fiber Cable
    • Summary

  • Testing Cable

    • Testing Cabling
    • Copper Cabling—Horizontal Cabling
    • Backbone Cabling
    • Coaxial Cabling—Data
    • 50-Ohm Coaxial Cabling
    • 75-0hm Coaxial Cabling
    • Optical Fiber Cable
    • Testing Optical Fiber Cabling—Light Source and Power Meter
    • Light Source and Power Meter Testing of Short Length Cable Assemblies
    • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
      • Appendix A: Fiber Performance Calculations Worksheet
      • Appendix B: Fiber Link Attenuation Record

  • Troubleshooting

    • Introduction
    • General Reference
    • Copper Cable
    • Optical Fiber Cable
      • Appendix A: Typical OTDR Fault Presentations

  • Retrofit Installations

    • Overview
    • System Cutover

  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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