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Teach Yourself Saving Energy in the Home

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Teach Yourself Saving Energy in the Home

Price: $12.95

Product Code: 9780071598408

ISBN: 9780071598408


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Teach Yourself Saving Energy in the Home gives you achievable cost-cutting, straightforward and energy saving strategies. It gives you various ways to save energy in the home, even if it’s just a rented property, with practical advice on hot and cold water, heating, electricity and appliances, lighting, cooling systems, stand-by systems,—even how to manage your teenager’s use of energy. There are chapters on how to save energy in your garden and guidelines on how to generate your own power. The book will also give practical suggestions for “responsible recreation,” showing you how leisure interests can impact on the environment. This text gives advice on green travel, including what make of car and which fuel to choose, and gives tips for saving energy in your workplace. 192 pp.

Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Background to energy use
  • Why save energy?
  • Common energy currency for the home
  • How much energy are you using now?
  • The average homeowner
  • How is my home officially rated?
  • Energy self-assessment
  • Working with others
  • Developing a strategy for action
  • Broad principles
  • Choosing a strategy
  • Putting strategy into action
  • Energy saving in the house
  • Keeping warm (heating)
  • How water
  • In the kitchen and utility area
  • Computers, TVs and gadgets
  • Lighting
  • Keeping cool
  • Teenage consumers
  • Moving home
  • Generating your own energy
  • Introduction
  • General guidance
  • Doing the sums
  • The options
  • Energy saving in the garden
  • No cost actions
  • Low costactions
  • Investment actions
  • Other environmental actions
  • Saving energy on the road
  • Introduction
  • No cost actions
  • Low cost actions
  • Investment actions
  • Future trends
  • General trends
  • Home energy audits
  • Personal carbon allowances
  • Carbon reduction label
  • Towards zero carbon homes
  • Taking it further
  • Best practice case studies
  • Websites and further reading
  • Glossary
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
  • Index

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