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Steel Construction Manual, 15th Edition

Your authoritative manual for the design and construction of steel structures!

Steel Construction Manual, 15th Edition

Price: $524.95

Product Code: 9206S15

ISBN: 9206S15


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: AISC

Introducing the 15th Edition of the Steel Construction Manual!

This is the authoritative manual you need when you are designing and constructing steel structures.

Published since 1927, the Steel Construction Manual has been the source for the standard specifications of steel use including the AISC Code of Standard Practice.

Included are the following standards in their entirety:

  • ANSI/AISC 360-16: Specification for Structural Steel Buildings
  • 2014 RCSC Specification for Structural Joints Using High-Strength Bolts
  • ANSI/AISC 303-16: Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges

Updates to the Steel Construction Manual include:

  • Expansion of compressive strength tables to include 65- and 70-ksi steel for a limited number of shapes
  • ASTM A6/A6M-14 standards are applied to shape information
  • Compliance to the 2016 Specification for Structural Buildings has been applied to all tabular information and discussions

Part 1 updates:

  • Larger pipe, HSS and angle sizes are now in the dimensions and properties tables.

Part 6 updates:

  • The width-to-thickness slenderness limits now has a new design aid.
  • There is now a table that indicates the available shear strength, available compressive strength, available tensile strength and available flexural strength.

Part 9 updates:

  • Coped beam design now has a new approach.
  • Connection design based on plastic strength approach now has a new interaction equation.

In general, here is a list of topics that the Steel Construction Manual covers:

  • Structural Steels
  • Dimensions for Detailing
  • Properties for Designing
  • Double Angles
  • Structural Tees
  • Pipe and Structural Tubing
  • Bars and Plates
  • Standard Mill Practice
  • Crane Rails
  • Allowable Stress Designing
  • Plastic Design
  • Allowable Loads on Beams
  • Design of Beam Bearing Plates
  • Allowable Moments in Beams
  • Plate Girders
  • Composite Design for Building Construction
  • Beam Diagrams and Formulas
  • Camber and Deflection Coefficients
  • Allowable Concentric Loads on Columns
  • Column Base Plates
  • Allowable Loads on Rivets and Threaded Fasteners
  • Framed Beam Connections
  • Seated Beam Connections
  • End Plate Shear Connections
  • Eccentric Connections
  • Connections in Tension
  • Moment Connections
  • Suggested Details
  • And much much more!

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