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Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, 5th Edition

The widely used Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, 5th Edition

Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, 5th Edition

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Product Code: 9780071384216

ISBN: 9780071384216


Binding: Paperback/CD

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The 5th edition of The Standard Handbook of Electronics Engineering continues the tradition providing quality and helpful information, started by Fink’s Standard Handbook of Electrical Engineering in the 1960s. This Christiansen book quickly became a popular resource as electronic engineering and microelectronics became the growth engine of digital computing. With yet another seismic shift away from computing and into communications and media, the Handbook has been revised and expanded to include key applications sections that focus upon communications, networked media, and medicine, as these are currently the most common destinations of the majority of graduating EEs.

Standard Handbook of Electronic Engineering, 5th Edition - Table of Contents:

  • Part 1. Principles and Techniques
    • Section 1: Information, Communication, Noise, and Interference
    • Section 2: Systems Engineering and Systems Management
    • Section 3: Reliability
    • Section 4: Computer-Assisted Digital System Design

  • Part 2: Components

    • Section 5: Electronic and Fiber Optic Components
    • Section 6: Integrated Circuits and Microprocessors
    • Section 7: UHF and Microwave Components
    • Section 8: Transducers and Sensors
    • Section 9: Radiant Energy Sources and Sensors

  • Part 3: Circuits and Functions

    • Section 10: Filters and Attenuators
    • Section 11: Amplifiers and Oscillators
    • Section 12: Modulators, Demodulators, and Converters
    • Section 13: Power Electronics
    • Section 14: Pulsed Circuits and Waveform Generation
    • Section 15: Measurement Systems
    • Section 16: Antennas and Wave Propagation

  • Part 4: Systems and Applications

    • Section 17: Telecommunications
    • Section 18: Digital Computer Systems
    • Section 19: Control Systems
    • Section 20: Audio Systems
    • Section 21: Video and Facsimile Systems
    • Section 22: Broadcast and Cable Systems
    • Section 23: Navigation and Detection Systems
    • Section 24: Automotive Electronics
    • Section 25: Instrumentation and Test Systems
    • INDEX

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