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SP-2(07): ACI Manual of Concrete Inspection

The updated 2007 Edition of SP-2: ACI Manual of Concrete Inspection!

SP-2(07): ACI Manual of Concrete Inspection

Price: $135.50

Product Code: SP22007


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: ACI

The ideal manual for supervisors, inspectors, field engineers, technicians and workers. Delivers expert guidelines on the technical aspects of concrete inspection and construction. Includes helpful information on shrinkage-compensating cement, polymer-modified mixtures, selfconsolidating concretes, fiberreinforced concrete, epoxy resins and more. 200 pp.

A list of only a few of the recent developments in materials, equipment, and processes includes:

  • Shrinkage-compensating cement;
  • Increased use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs);
  • Polymer-modified mixtures;
  • Self-consolidating concretes;
  • New and refined admixtures;
  • Fiber-reinforced concrete;
  • Epoxy resins;
  • High-capacity and automated production equipment;
  • High-performance and high-strength concrete; and
  • Epoxy-coated and stainless steel-clad reinforcement.

The need to cover new issues affecting inspection is the reason ACI Committee 311 continues to revise the ACI Manual of Concrete Inspection. In preparing this edition of the manual, as with previous editions, the committee’s task was to interpret the policies set forth by other authorized bodies rather than to make policy on construction practices. The main emphasis of the manual is on the technical aspects of inspection and construction. For further information about construction practices, readers are encouraged to refer to the ACI Manual of Concrete Practice. Because the content of this manual is general and broad in nature, no part of the manual should be included by reference in contract documents. Applicable inspection requirements for each project should be determined and included in the specifications.

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