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SMACNA - Residential Sheet Metal Guidelines 2001

SMACNA guidelines for the fabrication and installation of exterior sheet metal

SMACNA - Residential Sheet Metal Guidelines 2001

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Binding: Paperback

Publisher: SMACNA

SMACNA - Residential Sheet Metal Guidelines 2001 is the 1st edition of this guide and offers builders, designers, contractors and homeowners a source of expert information on the proper installation and fabrication of exterior sheet metal through residential buildings. This book covers topics that include decks, roof drainage systems, chimneys, Windows, ledges and doors. The new edition of this manual presents details and explanations that are based on and design for low rise residential buildings, up to three stories. These buildings should be used to single-family and multifamily homes.

The guide also highlights details that are commonly used through residential sheet metal work in the industry. In addition to generic detailed drawings, appendixes and data design, students will learn to adapt the drawings to local climate and project conditions. Students can use this manual to carefully examine the information along with local climate conditions in order to help them select the proper details for practically any residential architectural sheet-metal application. 130 pp.

SMACNA - Residential Sheet Metal Guidelines 2001 - Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Residential Sheet Metal Task Force
  • Notice To Users Of This Publication
  • Typical Residential Sheet Metal Features
  • Roof Drainage Systems
    • Design Of Roof Drainage Systems
    • Rectangular Gutter Design
    • Gutter Expansion Allowances
    • Gutter Expansion Joint
    • Water Diverter Design And Installation
    • Hanging Gutter Installations
    • Roll-Formed Gutters
    • Gutter Clearance
    • Gutter Accessories (Baffles, Screens And Outlets)
    • Downspouts - Manufactured
    • Open Valley Flashing
    • Closed Valley Flashing
    • Snow Guards

  • Decks

    • Deck Perimeters
    • Coated Decks
    • Open Plank Deck
    • Scuppers And Overflow Collectors

  • Chimneys

    • Chimney Flashing (Masonry)
    • Chimney Flashing (Stucco)
    • Chimney Chase Cap

  • Windows

    • Window (Bay) And Ornamental Roofs
    • Dormer-Head-Sill Flashing
    • Door Flashings
    • Ledge Flashings
    • Horizontal Protrusions

  • Doors And Ledges

    • Beams And Penetrations
    • Beam Ends
    • Pipe Penetrations
    • Building Expansion Joints

  • Appendix A Snow And Ice Conditions

    • A.1 Ice Dams And Their Causes
    • A.2 Installation Considerations
    • A.3 Snow Belts And Guards

  • Appendix B Maintenance

    • B.1 General Practice
    • B.2 Gutter Maintenance
    • B.3 Roof Valley Maintenance
    • B.4 Cedar Shingle Considerations
    • B.5 Artificial Patina On Copper
    • B.6 Formulas

  • Appendix C Metal References

    • C.1 Thickness And Weight Of Sheet Metals
    • C.2 Metals Application And Specifications References
    • C.3 Galvanic Corrosion
    • C.4 Moisture In The Construction Of Building Envelopes

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