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Rough Framing Carpentry

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Rough Framing Carpentry

Price: $26.95

Product Code: 9780934041867

ISBN: 9780934041867


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Craftsman

Rough Framing Carpentry is a book written specially for anyone seeking to make good money working outdoors as a framer. Covering a wide range of related topics and providing invaluable tips and shortcuts for laying out studs; speed cutting blocks, trimmers and plates by eye; quickly building and blocking rake walls; installing ceiling backing, ceiling joists, and truss joists; cutting and assembling hip trusses and California fills; arches and drop ceilings, this book will save you time and help you make more money. Rough Framing Carpentry also contains over 100 on-the-job photos of how to do it right and what can go wrong. 304 pp.

Rough Framing Carpentry - Table of Contents:

  • Custom Homes, Tracts or Commercial Work?
    • Custom Homes
    • Tract Projects
    • Commercial Work

  • The Tools You’ll Need

    • The Basic Hand Tools
    • The Power Tools
    • The Nice-to-Have Tools

  • Hardware and Materials

    • Identifying the Hardware
    • An Overview of the Wood

  • Snap, Plate and Detail

    • Snapping
    • Plating
    • Detailing Studs and Posts
    • Detailing a Curved Wall
    • The Pay

  • Building the Wall

    • The Planning
    • The Building
    • Raising the Walls
    • Building Rake Walls
    • Building Radius Walls
    • Can You Make Money Doing

  • Plumb and Line

    • Plumb and Line on a Standard Wall
    • Plumb and Line on a Balloon Wall
    • What Does It Pay?

  • Rolling the Joists

    • Planning the Joist Layout
    • Spreading the Joists
    • Placing the Ceiling Backing
    • Ceiling Joists
    • Truss Joists
    • Joists on Concrete Stem Walls
    • Exposed Beams
    • And What Does It Pay?

  • Subfloor Sheathing

    • Sheathing Materials
    • Sheathing Techniques
    • The Pay

  • Cutting Stairs

    • Stair Safety
    • Stair Terms
    • Stair Layout
    • Landing and Stair Construction
    • Building Winders
    • Building the Handrail Walls
    • Circular Stairs
    • Let’s Talk Money

  • Shear Walls

    • Preparing to Hang Shear Panel
    • Hanging the Shear
    • Nailing the Shear
    • What’s the Pay?

  • Stacking a Truss Roof

    • Spreading and Stacking Trusses
    • Rolling the Trusses
    • Rolling Hip Trusses
    • Filling, Understacking and Backing
    • Your Pay for Stacking Trusses

  • Cutting Conventional Roofs

    • Roof Terminology
    • Make Friends with Your Calculator
    • Using the Framing Square
    • Calculating the Roof Package
    • Cutting the Roof Package
    • The Pay

  • Stacking Conventional Hoofs

    • Calculating the Ridge Height
    • Setting the Ridge by Height
    • Setting the Ridge with Commons
    • Checking and Filling in the Skeleton
    • The Pay

  • Fascia Board, False Tails, and Stuccoed Eaves

    • Fascia Board
    • False Tails
    • Stuccoed Eaves
    • The Pay

  • Roof Sheathing

    • Starter Board
    • Sheathing the Roof
    • The Pay

  • Exterior Elevations

    • Laying Out Arches
    • The Pay

  • Drop Ceilings

    • Building Basic Drops
    • Building Custom Drops
    • The Pay

  • Pick-Up Work

    • Two Types of Pick-Up
    • Straightening Studs
    • The Pay


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