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Rigging Equipment Maintenance and Safety Inspection Manual

The safe rigging practices recommended in this book are framed in general terms to accommodate the many variations in rigging practice

Rigging Equipment Maintenance and Safety Inspection Manual

Price: $59.95

Product Code: 9780071719483

ISBN: 9780071719483


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Rigging Equipment: Maintenance and Safety Inspection Manual is a practical guide that provides critical maintenance and safety inspection checklists for rigging equipment, components, and systems. Coverage also addresses the required training, planning, and documentation that rigging contractors, facility managers, and equipment operators need to accommodate the many variations in rigging practices. The book features regulations, standards, guidelines, and recommendations applicable to critical lifts. 416 pp.

Coverage includes:

  • Operating rules—rigging hazards, OSHA regulations, consensus standards, and industry guidelines
  • Operator qualifications, safe operating practices, and operating procedures
  • Planning and preparation before performing rigging
  • Lifting and hoisting equipment and rigging and scaffolding systems
  • Ladders, stairways, ramps, hand and power tools, and electrical systems
  • Maintenance schedules, care, and safe operation of equipment
  • Inspection checklists for rigging equipment before, during, and after use
  • Testing, certification, and registration of rigging equipment
  • Preventive maintenance recordkeeping based on equipment manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Proper use of personal safety and protective equipment

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Operating Rules
  • Chapter 2. Responsibilities
  • Chapter 3. Procedures
  • Chapter 4. Lifting Equipment
  • Chapter 5. Jacks, Rollers & Skids
  • Chapter 5. Hoisting Equipment
  • Chapter 6. Rigging Systems
  • Chapter 7. Rigging Hardware
  • Chapter 8. Scaffolding Systems
  • Chapter 9. Fall Protection
  • Chapter 10. Ladders, Stairways, and Ramps
  • Chapter 11. Tools and Machinery
  • Chapter 12. Electrical Systems
  • Chapter 13. Worker Protection
  • Chapter 14. Protection Systems
  • Chapter 15. Protective Procedures

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