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[re]wired: Selling Your AE Services in a Post-Recession World

Selling Your AE Services in a Post-Recession World

[re]wired: Selling Your AE Services in a Post-Recession World

Price: $19.95

Product Code: 9780993989650

ISBN: 9780993989650


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Brisa Books

Competition is up. Client loyalty is down. QBS is in the Intensive Care Unit and your services are considered a commodity.

Welcome to the “new normal,” where many AE firms have become unplugged from the clients they’ve served for years.

In order to get out in front and stay on top in this client-centric universe, you and your entire team has to get Re-Wired.

In this remarkable new book, you’ll find a master blueprint for completely re-wiring every aspect of how you come across to the public. You’ll see, for example, how to make the most out of social media (and how to get a consistent brand message across a wide range of social media). You’ll also see:

  • How to stop chasing projects and build and capture a loyal market.
  • How to write proposals that persuade, assure, convince, comfort and win over a client (with detailed examples).
  • How to create and deliver presentations that enable you to connect with a prospective client on a personal, even emotional, level.
  • How to identify your firm’s unique strengths and then build a well-defined “brand” that perfectly captures those strengths…

Re-Wired is a disruptive book that will introduce you to – and help you embrace – unconventional ideas and radically new marketing approaches that will take your firm to an entirely new level.

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