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Revit Architecture 2012, School Edition, 1st Edition

Practical, project-focused exercises encourage students to "learn by doing"

Revit Architecture 2012, School Edition, 1st Edition

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Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Introduce your high school or middle school students to Revit Architecture concepts with Revit Architecture 2012, School Edition, endorsed by Project Lead the Way (PLTW). This practical text provides a thorough guide to the industry-leading Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) software by Autodesk. Widely used by professional architects and engineers, Revit is an essential tool for modern Computer-Assisted Design (CAD), building design development, and architectural production. Students will gain practical, firsthand experience with the powerful and popular software architects and engineers use to move beyond traditional Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) to manage complex projects, foster collaboration, and boost productivity. Experienced Revit author Paul Aubin has incorporated guidance from PLTW master teachers to create a practical, reader-friendly guide without compromising depth or detail. This book is ideal for PLTW’s Civil Engineering and Architecture course as well as for anyone interested in preparing for career success in an engineering, CAD, or architecture field. 416 pp.


  • Developed to complement Project Lead the Way’s (PLTW) Civil Engineering and Architecture course, this unique text was created with guidance from PLTW master teachers and curriculum designers.
  • This thorough text provides a detailed introduction to the Revit Architecture process, exploring both the theory behind the software and hands-on applications of its various tools to help students appreciate both why and how to use them for building design projects.
  • The author combines extensive experience as an educator and architectural professional with a straightforward, engaging writing style, making even complex material easier for students to master and apply.
  • Practical, project-focused exercises encourage students to “learn by doing,” giving them a deeper understanding of the building design process and the tools and techniques used to complete it.
  • “Power User/BIM Manager” tips offer students practical insights on what is required to manage Building Information Modeling (BIM) in a modern commercial architectural setting, while tutorial exercises throughout the text help them apply and improve key skills through interesting activities based on real-world scenarios.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Quick Start Tutorial/General Overview.
  • 2. Revit Core Concepts.
  • 3. User Interface.
  • 4. Creating the Building Layout.
  • 5. Setting up a Commercial Project.
  • 6. Grids and Columns.
  • 7. Linked Projects and Topography.
  • 8. Vertical Circulation.
  • 9. Floors and Roofs.
  • 10. Developing the Exterior Skin.
  • 11. Detailing and Annotation.
  • 12. Schedules.
  • 13. Ceiling Plans and Interior Elevations.
  • 14. Printing and Publishing.

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