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Residential Ventilation Handbook Ventilation to Improve Indoor Air Quality

This handbook is a comprehensive guide to residential ventilation systems

Residential Ventilation Handbook Ventilation to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Price: $69.95

Product Code: 9780071621281

ISBN: 9780071621281


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Ventilation is a critical component for building durability and occupant health. Residential Ventilation Handbook gives you the information you need to select and install the appropriate ventilation system for any home. This practical resource covers the latest codes and standards, including the International Mechanical Code (IMC), International Residential Code (IRC), and ASHRAE-62-2 (“Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings”) requirements, as well as green building guidelines. Ideal as an on-the-job reference and troubleshooting manual, this is an essential guide for novices and experienced contractors alike. 384 pp.

Residential Ventilation Handbook covers:

  • Basic applications, airflow, and sizing guidelines
  • System design, installation details, and sound considerations
  • Effects of house pressures
  • Passive inlets, outlets, transfer grilles, and makeup air
  • Verification of performance, testing, troubleshooting, service, and maintenance
  • Costs of ventilation, including first costs and life-cycle costs
  • Code and program requirements
  • Fan types and applications
  • Ventilation for cooling and special applications
  • Humidifiers, dehumidifiers, filters, and ventilation accessories
  • Indoor air/environmental quality concerns

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Choosing a Ventilation System
  • Chapter 3. Air Flow
  • Chapter 4. Sound
  • Chapter 5. System Design
  • Chapter 6. Installation Details
  • Chapter 7. Costs of Ventilation
  • Chapter 8. Fan Types and Applications
  • Chapter 9. Code Requirements
  • Chapter 10. Program Requirements
  • Chapter 11. Ventilation for Cooling
  • Chapter 12. Special Application Ventilation
  • Chapter 13. Passive Inlets and Outlets
  • Chapter 14. Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
  • Chapter 15. House Pressures
  • Chapter 16. Indoor Air/Environmental Quality Concerns
  • Chapter 17. Verification of Performance and Testing
  • Chapter 18. Future of the Residential Ventilation Arts

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