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Radiant Floor Heating, 2nd Edition

Features revised illustrations featuring modern products are included in this practical resource

Radiant Floor Heating, 2nd Edition

Price: $49.95

Product Code: 9780071599351

ISBN: 9780071599351


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The 2nd edition of Radiant Floor Heating has been fully updated, and explains, step by step, how to install, test, and debug in-floor heating systems. Written by master plumber and long-time contractor R. Dodge Woodson, this informative text now offers details on alternative fuel sources and covers new material options and installation procedures. Also featuring revised illustrations featuring modern products and updated code information, this practical resource teaches you everything you need to know about radiant floor heating. 304 pp.

Get everything you need to:

  • Understand and explain the advantages of in-floor radiant heating
  • Select superior equipment—tubing, boilers, expansion tanks, pumps, and controls
  • Install embedded and dry radiant heat systems in new or existing homes
  • Incorporate hot water heating into your designs
  • Set up heating zones for variable temperatures throughout a house
  • Design a solar-powered system
  • Use alternative fuel sources
  • Provide outdoor ice removal and other amenities
  • Troubleshoot and repair system problems

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Why Aren’t More Contractors Using In-Floor Heating Systems
  • Chapter 2. Comparing Radiant-Floor Systems to Other Systems
  • Chapter 3. Designing Functional, Cost-Effective Systems
  • Chapter 4. Combining Radiant-Floor Systems with Baseboard Systems
  • Chapter 5. Establishing Heating Zones
  • Chapter 6. The Mechanics of Manifolds
  • Chapter 7. Boilers
  • Chapter 8. Material Selection
  • Chapter 9. Circulating Pumps
  • Chapter 10. Controls and Control Systems
  • Chapter 11. Components for Heating Systems
  • Chapter 12. Expansion Tanks
  • Chapter 13. Domestic Water Heating
  • Chapter 14. Slab-on-Grade Piping Systems
  • Chapter 15. Thin-Slab Piping Systems
  • Chapter 16. Dry Piping Systems
  • Chapter 17. Radiant Systems for Ice Removal
  • Chapter 18. Purging Air from Systems
  • Chapter 19. Solar Heating Systems
  • Chapter 20. Troubleshooting Gas-Fired Boilers
  • Chapter 21. Troubleshooting Oil-Fired Boilers
  • Chapter 22. Selling Radiant Heating Systems

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