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Public Works Inspector’s Manual, 7th Edition

The updated 7th Edition of Public Works Inspector's Manual

Public Works Inspector’s Manual, 7th Edition

Price: $82.95

Product Code: 9781557016393

ISBN: 9781557016393


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: BNi Publications

A complete operational and technical guidebook for all professionals involved in inspecting public works construction for city, state, and federal agencies. The most complete and authoritative reference of its kind ever written. Many of the forms used as examples are are actual copies or forms used by the City of Los Angeles. These forms can be adopted by other agencies by making a simple title change or slight modification.

75 charts, tables and drawings show how to set a inspection policy, make records and reports, deal with waivers and disclaimers, project delays, suspension of the work, project scheduling and risk management. Also covers construction performance guidelines, as well as construction methods and inspection procedures for soil testing, earthwork construction, street surface improvements, sewer construction, storm drain construction, street light and traffic signal construction, landscape and irrigation, concrete, paint, structural steel, tunneling and much more. Explains the inspection procedure in detail, and closing reports—including which unresolved items should delay and which should not delay a final “sign off”. 574 pp.

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