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Programmable Controllers Workbook and Study Guide

Combined with the text, cover all the areas of PLC's

Programmable Controllers Workbook and Study Guide

Price: $31.95

Product Code: 320-1301-02


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: ATP

This unique text was designed to be used as either a stand-alone study guide in programmable controllers, or to accompany Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation as a workbook.

As a study guide, this book gives all practicing professionals a refresher to sharpen their skills in traditional and cutting-edge PLC technologies.

As a workbook, the text can be used to reinforce the specific information presented in Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation. Readers will begin with the principles of PLC operation and culminate with the selection of the right programmable controller for an application.

This text can be used in either manner with Programmable Controllers Workbook and Study Guide to give valuable insight into current industrial automation technology.

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