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Practical Electrical Wiring 22nd Edition

Practical Electrical Wiring, the on-the-job companion for Residential, Farm, Commercial and Industrial!

Practical Electrical Wiring 22nd Edition

Price: $112.95

Product Code: 9780971977983

ISBN: 9780971977983


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Park Publishing

NEC panel member and master electrician Frederic P. Hartwell builds on H. P. Richter’s classic, bringing the 22nd edition of this industry standard up-to-date with today’s wiring practices and industry technology. For each type of project, you will find gathered together in one place the facts you need to know about NEC regulations and detailed guidance on how to apply them.

Practical Electrical Wiring is structured so the reader advances rapidly to solving a wide variety of wiring problems. The word “Practical” in the title is key. This book is about building your skills in order to meet the challenges you face every day on the job. The how’s and why’s of wiring principles are explained throughout so you can confidently handle special situations you encounter. The down-to-earth, personal style and 475 all-new figures make it easy to put concepts into practice. Our value priced, all-in-one resource covers installations for the major segments of the trade: farm, residential, commercial, and light industrial.

  • Illustrated discussions of electrical hardware and how this equipment fits together in contemporary electrical systems
  • Selecting wires to match anticipated loads in terms of duration and quantity
  • Wiring buildings located on a common property and fed from another building
  • Modernizing old work - working with systems of any age, making finished work safe and neat
  • National Electrical Code overview and enforcement
  • Tips, hints, calculations and handy tricks of veteran practitioners
  • Planning nonresidential and residential installations
  • Distribution and grounding principles

Practical Electrical Wiring - Table Of Contents:

Part 1 Wiring Principles

  • NEC, Product Standards, and Inspection
  • Numbers, Measurements, and Electricity
  • AC and DC; Power Factor; Transformers
  • Basic Electrical Power Utilization Systems
  • Basic Devices and Equipment
  • Overcurrent Devices
  • Selecting Conductors
  • Making Wire Connections and Splices
  • Grounding for Safety
  • Outlet and Switch Boxes
  • Wiring Methods
  • Planning Residential Installations
  • Residential Electrical Distribution
  • Residential Lighting
  • Residential and Farm Motors

Part 2 Residential and Farm Wiring

  • Installing Service Entrances and Grounds
  • 17 Installing Specific Devices
  • Finishing: Installation of Switches, Receptacles, and Fixtures
  • Limited-Energy Wiring
  • Wiring for Multiple Circuits and Specialized Loads
  • Modernizing Old Work
  • Farm Wiring
  • On-Site Power Generation and Supply of Premises Wiring
  • Manufactured Homes, Recreational Vehicles, and Parks
  • Wiring Apartment Buildings

Part 3 Commercial and Industrial Wiring

  • Sizing Conductors for All Load Conditions
  • Nonresidential Wiring Methods and Materials
  • Planning Nonresidential Installations
  • Nonresidential Lighting
  • Industrial and Commercial Motor Applications
  • Wiring Specific Locations and Occupancies

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