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Plumber’s and Pipefitter’s Calculations Manual, 2nd Edition (Print on Demand)

Your on the job reference for Plumbing and Pipefitting Calculations

Plumber’s and Pipefitter’s Calculations Manual, 2nd Edition (Print on Demand)

Price: $50.95

Product Code: 9780071448680

ISBN: 9780071448680


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The Plumber’s and Pipefitter’s Calculations Manual is your on-the-job reference for plumbing and pipefitting calculations. Readers have the ability to get instant results without putting a pencil to paper or fiddling with a calculator. This reference is packed with charts and tables that will allow you to simply look up the answers that you need. This is a handy tool for pipefitters and plumbers to give a ready source of commonly used calculations, formulas and solutions. Chapters include general trade mathematics, formulas for pipefitters, portable water systems calculations, drain and sewer calculations, storm water calculations and vent system calculations. Other chapters include sizing water heaters, water pumps, calculating minimum plumbing facilities, calculating proper fixture spacing and placement and math for materials. There is also a troubleshooting section as well as plumbing code considerations offered in this 288 page book.

Plumber’s and Pipefitter’s Calculation Manual - Table of Contents:

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  • General Trade Mathematics
  • Formulas for Pipe Fitters
  • Potable Water Systems Calculations
  • Drain-And-Sewer Calculations
  • Vent System Calculations
  • Storm-Water Calculations
  • Sizing Water Heaters
  • Water Pumps
  • Calculating Minimum Plumbing Facilities
  • Calculating Proper Fixture Spacing and Placement
  • Math for Materials
  • Troubleshooting
  • Plumbing Code Considerations
  • Septic Considerations
  • Appendix 1: National Rainfall Statistics

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