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Plumber’s Exam Preparation Guide

Prepare for your Plumbers Examination with this essential study reference

Plumber’s Exam Preparation Guide

Price: $34.00

Product Code: 9780934041041

ISBN: 9780934041041


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Craftsman

Contains hundreds of questions and answers to help you pass the apprentice, journeyman or master plumber’s exam. Questions are in the style of the actual exam. Includes tips on studying and exam preparation. 320 pp.

Table of Contents:

  • Contents
  • Introduction - How to Use This Book
  • Part One: Plumbing Systems
    • Plumbing Systems - General Regulations
    • Plumbing Definitions
    • Materials: Quality and Weights
    • Joints and Connections
    • Traps and Cleanouts
    • Sanitary Drainage Systems
    • Vents and Venting
    • Special Traps, Interceptors and Separators
    • Indirect and Special Waste Piping
    • Private Sewage Disposal Systems
    • Water Distribution Systems
    • Storm Water Drainage Systems
    • Plumbing Fixtures and Special Plumbing Fixtures

  • Part Two: Gas Systems

    • Gas Regulations and Definitions
    • Gas Piping - Materials and Installation
    • Gas Appliances, Vents and Flues

  • Part Three: Specialized Plumbing Systems

    • Fire Protection Systems
    • Nonflammable Medical Gas Systems

  • Part Four: Plumbing Isometrics, Piping Diagrams and Plumbers’ Math

    • Isometric Drawings
    • Basic Plumbing Mathematics

  • Part Five: Sample Examination

    • Examination Day
    • First Day (Morning Portion)
    • First Day (Afternoon Portion)
    • Second Day
    • Answers

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