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Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors, 2nd Edition

The right phrase for managers and supervisors for every situation, every time!

Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors, 2nd Edition

Price: $10.95

Product Code: 9780071742313

ISBN: 9780071742313


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The updated 2nd edition of Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors continues the tradition of providing managers and supervisors with expert guidance on how to improve their communication skills. This invaluable resource will help you better communicate in today’s workplace, where collaboration, cooperation, and personalization are critical to building an efficient, productive work environment. 208 pp.

Learn the most effective language for:

  • Setting a tone of mutual trust and respect
  • Dealing with difficult employees and delicate problems
  • Conducting interviews and performance reviews
  • Empowering your people
  • Disciplining workers or terminating employment

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. The Principles That Make PowerPhrases Perfect Phrases
  • Chapter 2. Put Your Best Foot Forward: Perfect Phrases to Establish Your New Role
  • Chapter 3 Perfect Phrases to Create a Mission-, Vision-, and Values-Based Team
  • Chapter 4. Perfect Phrases to Foster an Open Communication Culture
  • Chapter 5. Perfect Phrases to Ace the Interview You Conduct
  • Chapter 6. Perfect Phrases for Orientation
  • Chapter 7. Perfect Phrases for Delegation
  • Chapter 8. Perfect Phrases to Set and Communicate Standards and Goals
  • Chapter 9. Perfect Phrases to Coach Employees
  • Chapter 10. Perfect Phrases to Handle Employee Performance and Behavior Problems
  • Chapter 11. Perfect Phrases for Conducting Performance Reviews
  • Chapter 12. Perfect Phrases for Termination
  • Chapter 13. Perfect Phrases for Meetings and Announcements
  • Chapter 14. Perfect Phrases That Empower Employees
  • Chapter 15. Perfect Phrases to Communicate Up the Ladder
  • Chapter 16. Tips for Making Your Perfect Phrases PowerPhrases

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