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North Carolina State Building Code 2018

Based off the 2015 International Building Code

North Carolina State Building Code 2018

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Binding: Looseleaf

Publisher: ICC

The brand-new 2018 North Carolina State Building Code: Building Code is based off the 2015 International Building Code. It includes all the necessary changes, updates, and additions that were made. Getting caught with an old code can lead to unsafe measures and hefty fines so make sure if your business requires it that you have the latest code possible.

Table of Contents

  1. Scope and Administration
  2. Definitions
  3. Use and occupancy Classification
  4. Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy
  5. General Building Heights and Areas
  6. Types of Construction
  7. Fire and Smoke Protection Features
  8. Interior Finishes
  9. Fire Protection Systems
  10. Means of Egress
  11. Accessibility
  12. Interior Environment
  13. Energy Efficiency
  14. Exterior Walls
  15. Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures
  16. Structural Design
  17. Special inspections and Tests
  18. Soils and Foundations
  19. Concrete
  20. Aluminum
  21. Masonry
  22. Steel
  23. Wood
  24. Glass and Glazing
  25. Gypsum Board, Gypsum Panel Products and Plaster
  26. Plastic
  27. Emergency and Standby Power Systems
  28. Mechanical Systems
  29. Plumbing Systems
  30. Elevators and Conveying Systems
  31. Special Construction
  32. Encroachments into the Public Right-of-Way
  33. Safeguards During Construction
  34. Reserved
  35. Referenced Standards
  36. Docks, Piers, Bulkheads and Waterway Structures
  37. Employee Qualifications
  38. Board of Appeals
  39. Group U – Agriculture Buildings
  40. Fire Districts
  41. Supplementary Accessibility Requirements
  42. Rodentproofing
  43. Flood-Resistant Construction
  44. Signs
  45. Patio Covers
  46. Grading
  47. Administrative Provisions
  48. Earthquake Recording Instrumentation
  49. Tsunami-Generated Flood Hazard

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