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NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, 2012 Edition

The updated 2012 edition of the NFPA 101 - Life Safety Code

NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, 2012 Edition

Price: $139.95

Product Code: NFPA 10112

ISBN: 9781455900985


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: NFPA

Responsive. Progressive. Dynamic. Occupant safety takes another leap forward with the 2012 Life Safety Code!

Nontraditional use of buildings; innovative designs; new technologies, materials, and construction practices. As the built environment and societal expectations change, so do the challenges to protect people from fire and related hazards. Fully updated to reflect the latest industry developments and lessons learned, the 2012 NFPA 101 raises occupant safety to a whole new level.

For protecting lives in all types of occupancies, including assembly, residential, health care, industrial, and more - nothing else comes close!

NFPA’s Life Safety Code is the most widely used source for strategies for occupant safety throughout the life cycle of a building. Unique in the field, it is the only document that addresses life safety in both new and existing structures. From egress, sprinklers, and alarms to emergency lighting, smoke barriers, and special hazard protection, the LSC covers it!

Stay on top of important updates, including:

  • All new high-rise buildings must comply with the high-rise building package, promoting consistency in protection regardless of occupancy type.
  • Revisions in health care occupancy rules foster a more comfortable, home-like environment.
  • New rules for carbon monoxide (CO) alarms or detection systems in certain residential living units
  • Changes for exit stair enclosure path markings
  • Egress chapter provisions for safe use of elevators for occupant evacuation
  • Relaxation of the means of egress provisions for unoccupied building service equipment support areas

Make sure your knowledge is up-to-date and your jobs are up-to-code. Base your decisions on the 2012 NFPA 101 and tackle safety challenges effectively. (Softbound, 489 pp., 2012)

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 Administration
  • Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
  • Chapter 3 Definitions
  • Chapter 4 General
  • Chapter 5 Performance-Based Option
  • Chapter 6 Classification of Occupancy and Hazard of Contents
  • Chapter 7 Means of Egress
  • Chapter 8 Features of Fire Protection
  • Chapter 9 Building Service and Fire Protection Equipment
  • Chapter 10 Interior Finish, Contents, and Furnishings
  • Chapter 11 Special Structures and High-Rise Buildings
  • Chapter 12 New Assembly Occupancies
  • Chapter 13 Existing Assembly Occupancies
  • Chapter 14 New Educational Occupancies
  • Chapter 15 Existing Educational Occupancies
  • Chapter 16 New Day-Care Occupancies
  • Chapter 17 Existing Day-Care Occupancies
  • Chapter 18 New Health Care Occupancies
  • Chapter 19 Existing Health Care Occupancies
  • Chapter 20 New Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies
  • Chapter 21 Existing Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies
  • Chapter 22 New Detention and Correctional Occupancies
  • Chapter 23 Existing Detention and Correctional Occupancies
  • Chapter 24 One- and Two-Family Dwellings
  • Chapter 25 Reserved
  • Chapter 26 Lodging or Rooming Houses
  • Chapter 27 Reserved
  • Chapter 28 New Hotels and Dormitories
  • Chapter 29 Existing Hotels and Dormitories
  • Chapter 30 New Apartment Buildings
  • Chapter 31 Existing Apartment Buildings
  • Chapter 32 New Residential Board and Care Occupancies
  • Chapter 33 Existing Residential Board and Care Occupancies
  • Chapter 34 Reserved
  • Chapter 35 Reserved
  • Chapter 36 New Mercantile Occupancies
  • Chapter 37 Existing Mercantile Occupancies
  • Chapter 38 New Business Occupancies
  • Chapter 39 Existing Business Occupancies
  • Chapter 40 Industrial Occupancies
  • Chapter 41 Reserved
  • Chapter 42 Storage Occupancies
  • Chapter 43 Building Rehabilitation

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