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NFPA 99C: Standard on Gas and Vacuum Systems, 2005 Edition

Stay up to code with the 2005 NFPA 99C!

NFPA 99C: Standard on Gas and Vacuum Systems, 2005 Edition

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Product Code: 9781616652319

ISBN: 9781616652319


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: NFPA

The NFPA 99C: Standard on Gas and Vacuum Systems 2005 Edition allows you to stay up to code with the 2005 NFPA 99C standard. The text offers insight into the highly complex medical gas and vacuum systems that require strict adherence to safety standards in order to maintain system integrity and avert disasters. The book presents all of the rules about medical pipe systems and codes in one stand-alone guide, and is a vital resource for all inspectors and plumbers would like a quick reference for their work. This guide will serve to reduce hazards, as well as ensure that all medical piping systems are connected properly. The rules covered within the document go over performance, installation, maintenance and testing.

The book presents information using both text and graphics, in order to best show the standard details and provide a better understanding of how to work with gas, vacuum systems and air compressors Level 1-4 safely. This updated version of the text offers new pipe fitting methods and incorporates automatic processing to result in more uniform welds as well as the production of equivalent joints to avoid fire hazards.

Here are just a few of the revisions and additions you’ll find in the 2005 edition:

  • A new pipe fitting method incorporates an automatic process that results in a more uniform weld. This lowers the likelihood of leaks and maximizes piping system performance.
  • A new mechanical method of joining fittings and piping doesn’t require a flame or brazing procedures. This produces an equivalent joint without a fire hazard.
  • Greater flexibility for manufacturers of vacuum pumps, filters, dryers, regulators, and aftercoolers as to which materials they can use. Previous Standard editions prescribed specific materials for various components. This change promotes improvements in cost-effectiveness and efficiency without compromising safety.

Put the industry’s best technical knowledge into action and help save lives. Approx. 105 pp.

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