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NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, 2013 Edition

Reflects the latest advances in fire doors and opening protectives equipment and installations

NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, 2013 Edition

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Product Code: NFPA 80-13


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: NFPA

The 2013 NFPA 80 reflects the latest advances in fire doors and opening protectives equipment and installations, for easier ITM and better fire protection throughout your building.

Revised for ease of use and updated with new terminology, the 2013 edition of NFPA 80: Standard Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives helps you maximize protection against the spread of fire and smoke through thorough application and enforcement of requirements for opening protectives, especially annual inspections and testing.

The 2013 edition adds new guidance for AHJs, inspectors, and building owners/managers. This user-friendly edition includes:

  • New terms and more thorough details regarding the inspection, testing, and maintenance of doors and other opening protectives in the completely reorganized Chapter 5
  • New information regarding documentation and record retention of inspections and tests
  • Revised rules for field modifications of equipment
  • Revised rules concerning initial testing and periodic inspection and testing
  • Updates to maintenance provisions
  • New requirements on the use and types of hinges for swinging doors
  • From fire doors and fire windows to fabric fire safety curtains and fire dampers, NFPA 80 covers it all.

This comprehensive edition is essential for everyone involved in building fire safety, from door/opening protective and hardware manufacturers to AHJs and fire door inspectors, building owners, building managers, maintenance professionals, and testing laboratories.

(Softbound, 83 pp., 2013)

NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives 2013 Edition

Chapter 1 Administration

Chapter 2 Referenced Publications

Chapter 3 Definitions

Chapter 4 General Requirements

Chapter 5 Care and Maintenance

Chapter 6 Swinging Doors with Builders Hardware

Chapter 7 Swinging Doors with Fire Door Hardware

Chapter 8 Horizontally Sliding Doors

Chapter 9 Special-Purpose Horizontally Sliding Accordion or Folding Doors

Chapter 10 Vertically Sliding Fire Doors

Chapter 11 Rolling Steel Doors

Chapter 12 Fire Shutters

Chapter 13 Service Counter Fire Doors

Chapter 14 Hoistway Doors for Elevators and Dumbwaiters

Chapter 15 Chute Doors

Chapter 16 Access Doors

Chapter 17 Fire Windows

Chapter 18 Glass Block Assemblies

Chapter 19 Installation, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Dampers

Chapter 20 Fabric Fire Safety Curtains

Annex A Explanatory Material

Annex B Fire Doors: Protection of Conveyor Openings

Annex C Illustration of Types of Fire Window Components

Annex D Fire Door and Fire Window Classifications

Annex E Surface Attachments to Swinging Door Faces

Annex F Door Hardware Locations

Annex G Types of Door Construction

Annex H Special Purpose Doors

Annex I Radiant Heat Transfer

Annex J Performance-Based Option for the Inspection, Testing, and

Maintenance of Fire Door Assemblies

Annex K General Information About Fire Doors

Annex L Informational References


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