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NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code, 2017 Edition

Stay on top of the LP-Gas code with this essential resource!

NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code, 2017 Edition

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Product Code: NFPA 58-17

ISBN: NFPA 58-17


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: NFPA

If you are handling, storing, or transporting liquid petroleum gas, then the NFPA 58 Liquified Petroleum Gas Code, 2017 Edition is the resource for you. With this guide, you can prevent mistakes leading up to explosions and fires. Additionally, if you are designing, constructing, installing, or operating LP-Gas Systems, then this code book will be essential to you.

Updates to the 2017 edition include new information on:

  • hot air balloons
  • LP-Gas based vehicles
  • porta-pacs
  • skid tanks
  • snow load requirements
  • fire extinguisher requirements
  • appurtenance requirements
  • universal tanks
  • ASME tanks
  • and more!

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Administration
Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
Chapter 3 Definitions
Chapter 4 General Requirements
Chapter 5 LP-Gas Equipment and Appliances
Chapter 6 Installation of LP-Gas Systems
Chapter 7 LP-Gas Liquid Transfer
Chapter 8 Storage of Cylinders Awaiting Use, Resale, or Exchange
Chapter 9 Vehicular Transportation of LP-Gas
Chapter 10 Buildings or Structures Housing LP-Gas Distribution Facilities
Chapter 11 Engine Fuel Systems
Chapter 12 Motor Vehicles Intended for Over-the-Road Use or Designed to Transport Passengers and are Fueled by LP-Gas
Chapter 13 Refrigerated Containers
Chapter 14 Marine Shipping and Receiving
Chapter 15 Operations and Maintenance
Chapter 16 Pipe and Tubing Sizing Tables
Annex A Explanatory Material
Annex B Properties of LP-Gases
Annex C Design, Construction, and Requalification of DOT (ICC) Cylinders
Annex D Design of ASME and API-ASME Containers
Annex E Pressure Relief Devices
Annex F Liquid Volume Tables, Computations, and Graphs
Annex G Wall Thickness of Copper Tubing
Annex H Procedure for Torch Fire and Hose Stream Testing of Thermal Insulating Systems for LP-Gas Containers
Annex I Container Spacing
Annex J Sample Ordinance Adopting NFPA 58
Annex K Burial and Corrosion Protection for Underground and Mounded ASME Containers
Annex L Suggested Methods of Checking for Leakage
Annex M A Suggested Container Purging Procedure
Annex N Informational References

Ensure definite safety with the NFPA 58 Liquified Petroleum Gas Code, 2017 Edition. Buy your copy today!

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