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Mechanical PE Sample Examination

There's no better way to prepare yourself then to take the Mechanical PE Sample Exam

Mechanical PE Sample Examination

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Product Code: 9781591260066

ISBN: 9781591260066


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Professional Publications

The Mechanical PE Sample Examination is a trusted resource that provides engineers and exam candidates with a realistic practice test. This test will help you better prepare to successfully pass the PE exam. The Mechanical PE Sample Examination offers the closest simulation to the actual test, and includes 40 questions for the breadth (morning) module and 40 questions for each of the three depth (afternoon) modules: HVAC and Refrigeration, Machine Design, and Thermal and Fluids Systems. Full solutions are provided for all problems. You can also try taking the sample exam under timed conditions, so that you’ll gain valuable experience working under pressure, leading you to perform at your best on the day of the actual exam. 114 pp.

The Sample Examination helps you

  • Challenge your problem solving skills in one or all of the modules
  • Evaluate which topics need more study
  • Determine what references you need to have during the exam

Most of all, when you take this sample exam under timed conditions, you gain valuable experience working under the pressure you’ll experience during the exam. There’s really no substitute for this preparation. Practicing with the Sample Examination will help you perform your best when it counts. 114 pp.

Mechanical PE Sample Examination - Table of Contents:

  • Preface and Acknowledgments
  • Codes Used in This Book
  • Introduction
  • Pre-Test
    • Morning Session
    • Afternoon Session
      • HVAC and Refrigeration
      • Machine Design
      • Thermal and Fluid Systems

    • Answer Key
    • Solutions

      • Morning Session
      • Afternoon Session—-HVAC and Refrigeration
      • Afternoon Session—-Machine Design
      • Afternoon Session—-Thermal and Fluid Systems

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