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Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual, 13th Edition

Provides a concentrated review of the exam topics

Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual, 13th Edition

Price: $353.95

Product Code: 9781591264149

ISBN: 9781591264149


Binding: Paperback

As the most comprehensive reference and study guide available for engineers preparing for the breadth-and-depth mechanical PE examination, the thirteenth edition of the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual provides a concentrated review of the exam topics.

Thousands of important equations and methods are shown and explained throughout the Reference Manual, plus hundreds of examples with detailed solutions demonstrate how to use these equations to correctly solve problems on the mechanical PE exam.

What’s New in the 13th Edition?

  • 36 chapters with new material
  • 46 chapters with revisions to existing material
  • 300 new equations
  • 128 updated equations
  • 27 new tables
  • 31 updated tables
  • 7 new examples
  • 34 updated examples
  • 10 new appendices
  • 27 updated appendices
  • 35 new figures
  • 28 updated figures
  • 1,094 new index entries
  • 108 updated index entires

Get the Most Up-to-Date Mechanical PE Exam Coverage

  • Over 120 appendices containing essential support material
  • Over 375 clarifying example problems thousands of equations, figures, and tables
  • Industry-standard terminology and nomenclature
  • Equal support of U.S. customary and SI units

Find everything you need for the PE exam in this practical guide

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