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Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011

Master all the core concepts and functionality of Revit MEP

Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011

Price: $69.95

Product Code: 9780470626375

ISBN: 9780470626375


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Revit MEP has finally come into its own, and this perfectly paced reference covers all the core concepts and functionality of this fast-growing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing software. The authors collate all their years of experience to develop this exhaustive tutorial that shows you how to design using a versatile model.

You’ll discover tips, tricks, and real-world exercises that only authors who use the software daily in a professional environment can know and explain.

  • Explores the basics of the interface, how to create and use project templates, how to generate schedules that show quantities, materials, design dependencies, and more
  • Examines the mechanical side of Revit MEP, including chapters on creating logical air, water, and fire protection systems and evaluating building loads
  • Delves into how to best generate and model content, including solid modeling, creating symbols, using parameters, creating equipment, and more

Featuring real-world sidebars, hands-on tutorials, and a supporting Web site, this reference allows you to jump into any tutorial and compare your finished work to the pros.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Exploring the User Interface.
  • Chapter 2: Creating an Effective Project Template.
  • Chapter 3: Worksets and Worksharing.
  • Chapter 4: Best Practices for Sharing Projects with Consultants.
  • Chapter 5: Schedules.
  • Chapter 6: Details.
  • Chapter 7: Sheets.
  • Chapter 8: Creating Logical Systems.
  • Chapter 9: HVAC Cooling and Heating Load Analysis.
  • Chapter 10: Mechanical Systems and Ductwork.
  • Chapter 11: Mechanical Piping.
  • Chapter 12: Lighting.
  • Chapter 13: Power and Communications.
  • Chapter 14: Circuiting and Panels.
  • Chapter 15: Plumbing (Domestic, Sanitary, and Other Piping).
  • Chapter 16: Fire Protection.
  • Chapter 17: Solid Modeling.
  • Chapter 18: Creating Symbols and Annotation.
  • Chapter 19: Parameters.
  • Chapter 20: Creating Equipment.
  • Chapter 21: Creating Lighting Fixtures.
  • Chapter 22: Creating Devices.

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