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Mastering AutoCAD MEP 2010, 1st Edition

Mastering AutoCAD MEP 2010 includes practical project focused how-to exercises that will enable your students to learn by doing

Mastering AutoCAD MEP 2010, 1st Edition

Price: $79.95

Product Code: 9781439057667

ISBN: 9781439057667


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Mastering AutoCAD MEP 2010, 1st Edition focuses on the practicality and rationale of AutoCAD in MEP processes while emphasizing the process of creating projects in MEP rather than a series of tools and commands. The goal of each lesson throughout this concise manual is to help students complete projects successfully. Tools are introduced together with a strong emphasis on the “why” and “how” In order to prepare students for the industry. Both the exercises and the book will provide students with a clear sense of value while giving them real life tested practical advice on using the software to create plumbing, electrical and mechanical designs and calculations. Your students will learn how to use the AutoCAD software in order to create construction documents that are reflective of today’s industry standards and expectations. The text is 800 pages long.


  • Focuses on MEP Production so that students are able to learn and create construction documents, not just floor plans.
  • Includes practical projects that are focused on how-to exercises in order to help students learn by doing.
  • Focuses the attention equally on the “why” as much as on the “how” of the software.
  • Provides Power User/CAD Manager” tips throughout the text

Table of Contents:

  • 1. User Interface.
  • 2. Conceptual Underpinnings of AutoCAD MEP.
  • 3. Project Navigator.
  • 4. Energy Analysis.
  • 5. Mechanical Systems.
  • 6. Piping Systems.
  • 7. Electrical Systems.
  • 8. Content Creation – Styles.
  • 9. Content Creation – Equipment.
  • 10. Content Creation – Fittings.
  • 11. Display Control (Advanced).
  • 12. Sections.
  • 13. Managing Updates and Interference Detection.
  • 14. Annotation, Property Sets and Schedules.
  • 15. Plotting and Publishing.

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