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International Residential Code (IRC) 2012 - Looseleaf

The 2012 Looseleaf Edition of the ICC International Residential Code (IRC) - One and Two-Family Dwellings

International Residential Code (IRC) 2012 - Looseleaf

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ISBN: 9781609830410


Binding: Looseleaf

Publisher: ICC

The looseleaf edition of the 2012 ICC International Residential Code is a useful resource to have on jobsites. The looseleaf enables you to more easily turn to sections of the Code you need, and the binder helps protect the pages from damage. The 2012 ICC International Residential Code is a comprehensive code that compiles all building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas and electrical requirements for one- and two-family dwellings into one convenient sourcebook.

Now in its 5th edition, the IRC contains many important changes including:

  • A new Seismic Design Category (SDC) map that results in smaller SDC E regions. Some previous SDC E areas will now be SDC D2.
  • A new wind map delineates areas requiring design to resist wind forces.
  • A new map identifies windborne debris regions.
  • A new table for minimum fire separation distance for dwellings equipped throughout with an approved automatic sprinkler system. The new table provides for reducing the fire separation distance for non-rated exterior walls from 5 feet to 3 feet. Also, a new section allows a sprinkled garage to take advantage of the reduced fire separation distance.
  • Doors between the garage and dwelling unit now require self-closing devices.
  • Wireless smoke alarms are now specifically permitted for satisfying the interconnection requirements in both new and existing dwelling units.
  • The provisions for roof connections to resist wind uplift forces have been updated and simplified. A new table provides prescriptive values for both low and high slope roofs in wind exposure categories B and C.
  • When a parapet is not installed, openings and penetrations of the roof are no longer permitted within 4 feet of the separating wall between townhouse dwelling units.
  • The IRC now includes prescriptive provisions for the construction of isolated masonry pier foundations supporting raised floor systems.
  • Installation of ½-inch gypsum board or equivalent is now required on the underside of floor assemblies of cold-formed steel framing, I-joists, open web trusses and similar light-frame members.
  • The IRC Wall Bracing provisions have been completely reorganized to place each topic in a separate section and improve the flow of information.

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