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Illustrated AutoCAD 2012 Quick Reference

The updated 2012 Edition of Illustrated AutoCAD Quick Reference

Illustrated AutoCAD 2012 Quick Reference

Price: $57.95

Product Code: 9781111648497

ISBN: 9781111648497


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Thomson Delmar Learning

The Illustrated AutoCAD 2012 Quick Reference is an essential, up-to-date resource that will provide your students with detailed information on AutoCAD 2012 commands and functions. This affordable, reader-friendly guide catalogs all standard AutoCAD 2012 commands in alphabetical order, concisely describing their functions and options. Each listing also includes cross-references to related commands, system variables, and/or files, taking the guesswork out of using AutoCAD 2012 to its full potential. The book features every method of accessing each command, including commands not documented by Autodesk. With its thorough coverage and convenient format, this trusted reference has become an essential favorite among students, educators, and design professionals alike. 1,102 pp.


  • Illustrated AutoCAD 2012 Quick Reference includes up-to-date information on the latest version of the software, including changes and additions specific to AutoCAD 2012, as well as new screen shots illustrating modifications to the user interface.
  • The text provides thorough coverage of all basic commands, as well as many not documented by Autodesk, including command prompts useful when writing scripts and macros.
  • Easy command references at the top of each page make it easy for students to find key information quickly, and the text features a variety of ways to access commands through keyboard shortcuts, menu picks, and Ribbon location, enabling students to apply what they learn without missing a beat.
  • Detailed illustrations and diagrams provide a useful visual reference to connect text material to AutoCAD applications, while nearly 1,000 tips help students save time and gain proficiency faster.
  • Extensive appendices list the names of system variables, bonus Express Tools commands, and obsolete commands for more complete coverage of AutoCAD present and past.

New to this Edition:

  • The Illustrated AutoCAD 2012 Quick Reference has been thoroughly reviewed and revised to reflect the 2012 release of AutoCAD.
  • Contains new commands in AutoCAD 2012.
  • Contains new system variables in AutoCAD 2012.
  • Includes changes to existing commands in AutoCAD 2012.
  • Includes changes to existing system variables in AutoCAD 2012.

Table of Contents:

  • Inside front cover: Keystrokes & Interfaces.
  • Alphabetical listing of AutoCAD command names.
  • Appendix A: Express Tools.
  • Appendix B: Obsolete & Removed Commands.
  • Appendix C: System Variables.
  • Inside back cover: Icons & Shortcuts.

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