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HVAC Pump Handbook, 2nd Edition

HVAC Pump Handbook gives you the most up-to-date information on electronic technology of HVAC pump systems.

HVAC Pump Handbook, 2nd Edition

Price: $125.00

Product Code: 9780071457842

ISBN: 9780071457842


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The 2nd edition of the HVAC Pump Handbook is a handy reference filled with case studies and problem-solving sections, ideally suited for HVAC engineers and technicians. The book provides readers with concrete methods for achieving efficient operation in utilizing the latest digital electronic technologies. This newly updated edition contains the latest information ranging from codes to the electronic evolution in HVAC pumping systems. 685 pp.

HVAC Pump Handbook, 2nd Edition - Table of Contents:

  • Part 1: The Basic Tools
    • Digital Electronics and HVAC Pumps
    • Physical Data for HVAC System Design
    • Piping System Friction

  • Part 2: HVAC Pumps and Their Performance

    • Basics of Pump Design
    • Physical Description of HVAC Pumps
    • HVAC Pump Performance
    • Pump Drivers and Variable-Speed Drives

  • Part 3: The HVAC World

    • The Use of Water in HVAC Systems
    • Configuring an HVAC Water System
    • Basics of Pump Application for HVAC Systems

  • Part 4: Pumps for Open HVAC Cooling Systems

    • Open Cooling Tower Pumps
    • Pumps for Process Cooling
    • Pumping Open Thermal Storage Tanks

  • Part 5: Pumps for Closed HVAC Cooling Systems

    • Chillers and Their Pumps
    • Chilled Water Distribution Systems
    • Closed Condenser Water Systems
    • Pumps for Closed Energy Storage Systems
    • Pumps for District Cooling and Heating

  • Part 6: Pumps for HVAC Hot Water Systems

    • Steam and Hot Water Boilers
    • Low-Temperature Hot Water Heating Systems
    • Pumps for Medium- and High-Temperature Water Systems
    • Condensate, Boiler Feed, and Deaerator Systems

  • Part 7: Installing and Operating HVAC Pumps

    • Instrumentation and Control for HVAC Pumping Systems
    • Testing HVAC Centrifugal Pumps
    • Installing HVAC Pumps and Pumping Systems
    • Factory-Assembled Pumping Systems
    • Operating HVAC Pumps
    • Maintaining HVAC Pumps
    • Retrofitting Existing HVAC Water Systems
    • Summary of HVAC Energy Evaluations
    • The Modern Two-Pipe Heating and Cooling System
    • Advanced Heat Recovery

  • Appendix A: Abbreviations
  • Appendix B: Terms and Nomenclature
  • Appendix C: Glossary of Equations
  • Appendix D: Conversion of English Units to SI
  • Index

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