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Guide to the 2016 California Green Building Standards Code (NONRESIDENTIAL)

Stay within CALGreen standards for residential buildings!

Guide to the 2016 California Green Building Standards Code (NONRESIDENTIAL)

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Binding: Paperback

Publisher: International Code Council

If you are a design and industry professional, building department personnel, or homeowner, you will find the Guide to the 2016 California Green Building Standards Code – Residential to be essential resource in meeting CALGreen standards for residential building. Inside you will be in-the-know of CALGreen (also known as the California Green Building Standards Code, Title 24, Part 11, of the California Code of Regulations) regulations, measures, laws, and codes. This book contains text from the 2016 CALGreen Code, which also contains text from “carryover” provisions of the 2013 CALGreen in addition to brand new provisions and modifications from stakeholders.

Table of Contents
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Contact and Purchasing Information
Introduction to CALGreen

Chapter 1 - Administration
Use of Appendices
Referenced Codes and Standards
Order of Precedence and Use
Local Amendments
Alternate Materials, Designs and Methods of Construction
Effective Use of the Code
Construction Documents and Installation Verification
Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 2 - Definitions

Chapter 3 - Green Building
Mixed Occupancy Buildings
Phased Projects
Voluntary Tiers

Chapter 4 - Residential Mandatory Measures
Division 4.1 – Planning and Design
Section 4.106 Site Development
Frequently Asked Questions
Division 4.2 – Energy Efficiency
Section 4.201 General
Division 4.3 – Water Efficiency and Conservation
Section 4.303 Indoor Water Use
Section 4.304 Outdoor Water Use
Frequently Asked Questions
Division 4.4 – Material Conservation and Resource Efficiency
Section 4.406 Enhanced Durability and Reduced Maintenance
Section 4.408 Construction Waste Reduction,
Disposal and Recycling
Section 4.410 Building Maintenance and Operation
Frequently Asked Questions
Division 4.5 – Environmental Quality
Section 4.503 Fireplaces
Section 4.504 Pollutant Control
Table 4.504.1 Adhesive VOC Limit
Table 4.504.2 Sealant VOC Limit
Table 4.504.3 VOC Content Limits for Architectural Coatings
Table 4.504.5 Formaldehyde Limits
Section 4.505 Interior Moisture Control
Section 4.506 Indoor
Air Quality and Exhaust
Section 4.507 Environmental Comfort
Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 5 - Nonresidential Mandatory Measures
Division 5.2 – Energy Efficiency
Section 5.201 General

Chapter 6 - Referenced Organizations and Standards

Chapter 7 - Installer and Special Inspector Qualifications (for Residential Projects)
Section 702 Qualifications
Section 703 Verifications
Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 8 - Compliance Forms, Worksheets and Reference Material

Appendix A4 - Residential Voluntary Measures
Division A4.1 – Planning and Design
Section A4.103 Site Selection
Section A4.104 Site Preservation
Section A4.106 Site Development
Section A4.106.5 Cool Roof for Reduction of Heat Island Effect
Cool Roof Tables
Section A4.106.8 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
Section A4.106.10 Light Pollution Reduction
Table A4.106.10 Maximum Allowable Backlight, Uplight and Glare (BUG) Ratings
Section A4.108 Innovative Concepts and Local Environmental Conditions
Division A4.2 – Energy Efficiency
Section A4.201 General
Division A4.3 – Water Efficiency and Conservation
Section A4.303 Indoor Water Use
Section A4.304 Outdoor Water Use
Section A4.305 Water Reuse Systems
Division A4.4 – Material Conservation and Resource Efficiency
Section A4.403 Foundation Systems
Section A4.405 Material Sources
Section A4.408 Construction Waste Reduction, Disposal and Recycling
Division A4.5 – Environmental Quality
Section A4.504 Pollutant Control
Section A4.506 Indoor Air Quality and Exhaust
Division A4.6 – Tier 1 and Tier 2
Section A4.601 General
Tier 1 Requirements
Tier 2 Requirements
Residential Occupancies
Application Checklist
Sample Residential Occupancies Application Checklist
Frequently Asked Questions
Division A4.7 – Residential Model Ordinance

Appendix A5 - Nonresidential Voluntary Measures
Division A5.2 – Energy Efficiency
Section A5.201 General

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