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Groundwater Resources

Succeed in your next groundwater management and development project with this helpful text

Groundwater Resources

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Product Code: 9780071492737

ISBN: 9780071492737


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Groundwater Sustainability is a reliable, one-stop guide containing all the information you’ll need to succeed in your groundwater management and development projects. It covers virtually every aspect of the subject, from how to characterize groundwater and evaluate its resources to determining the interactions between surface water and groundwater. Packed with hundreds of illustrations, this expansive guide reviews both established and innovative aquifer restoration techniques and technologies, including the control and remediation of contaminant sources and groundwater contaminant plumes. You’ll also find valuable information regarding resource augmentation, the engineering necessary for resource development, and building comprehensive databases for efficient, cost-effective assessment. Written in an inviting-to-read style by a recognized expert in the field, Groundwater Sustainability provides the last word on the all-important subject of how to maintain and manage the most precious natural resource. 852 pp.


  • In-depth coverage of groundwater availability and sustainability
  • Treatment options for groundwater contaminants
  • Tools and techniques for effectively managing aquifers
  • Proven tactics for protecting and restoring groundwater resources
  • Case studies, figures, graphs, and photographs
  • Tips on building assessment models using a GIS platform

This all-in-one guide covers:

  • Global Freshwater Resources
  • Aquifer Evaluation
  • Groundwater Resource Development
  • Groundwater Recharge
  • Climate Change and Its Impact on Groundwater
  • Groundwater Chemistry
  • Drinking Water Treatment Options
  • Managing & Restoring Groundwater Resources

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Global Freshwater Resources and Their Use
  • Chapter 2. Groundwater System
  • Chapter 3. Groundwater Recharge
  • Chapter 4. Climate Change
  • Chapter 5. Groundwater Quality
  • Chapter 6. Groundwater Treatment
  • Chapter 7. Groundwater Development
  • Chapter 8. Groundwater Management
  • Chapter 9. Groundwater Restoration
  • Appendix A: Values of W(u) for Fully Penetrating Wells in a Confined, Isotropic Aquifer
  • Appendix B1: Unit Conversion Table for Length, Area, and Volume
  • Appendix B2: Unit Conversion Table for Flow Rate
  • Appendix B3: Unit Conversion Table for Hydraulic Conductivity and Transmissivity
  • Index

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