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GA-530 - Design Data - Gypsum Board

The most complete collection of current Gypsum Association publications compiled into a handy 3-ring binder!

GA-530 - Design Data - Gypsum Board

Price: $89.95

Product Code: GA-530

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Gypsum Association

This incredible reference gives you the most complete collection of current Gypsum Association publications, putting all of the information that you will need write your fingertips. All the publications in this collection have been compiled into one handy three ring binder.


GA-214-15 Recommended Levels of Gypsum Board Finish
GA-216-16 Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products
GA-220-06 Gypsum Board Winter Related Installation Recommendations
GA-221-14 Repair of Gypsum Board Joint Ridging
GA-222-14 Repairing Screw or Nail Pops in Gypsum Board Surfaces
GA-223-04 Gypsum Panel Product Types, Uses, Sizes, and Standard
GA-224-08 Installation of Predecorated Gypsum Board
GA-225-15 Repair of Fire-Rated Gypsum Board Systems
GA-226-08 Application of Gypsum Board to Form Curved Surfaces
GA-227-13 Recommendations for the Prevention of Ceiling Cracking
GA-229-08 Shear Values for Screw Application of Gypsum Board on Walls
GA-230-13 Vapor Retarders over Water-Resistant Gypsum Backing Board
GA-231-15 Assessing Water Damage to Gypsum Board
GA-232-04 Painting New Gypsum Board
GA-234-08 Control Joints for Fire-Resistance Rated Systems
GA-235-10 Gypsum Board Typical Mechanical and Physical Properties
GA-236-13 Joint Treatment Under Extreme Weather Conditions
GA-238-03 Guidelines for Prevention of Mold Growth on Gypsum Board
GA-253-12 Application of Gypsum Sheathing
GA-254-07 Fire-Resistant Gypsum Sheathing
GA-276-05 Gypsum Board Roof Underlayment Systems
GA-291-11 Gypsum Board - The Fire-Resistant Alternative to Masonry
GA-406-96 Manufactured Housing Recommendations: Gypsum Board Compressive Strengths
GA-600-15 Fire Resistance Design Manual, 21st Edition
GA-605-15 Proprietary Gypsum Panel Products for use in UL Classified Systems
GA-618-04 Building and Inspecting Smoke Barriers
GA-620-11 Gypsum Area Separation Firewalls
GA-801-07 Handling and Storage of Gypsum Panel Products
GA-1000-12 Identification of Gypsum Board
ICC ESR-1338 Gypsum Wall and Ceiling Assemblies

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