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Estimating Electrical Construction Revised

This edition has been revised and updated by the senior estimator of a large electrical contracting firm, adds automation to the process

Estimating Electrical Construction Revised

Price: $65.95

Product Code: 9781572182530

ISBN: 9781572182530


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Craftsman

No other book teaches you how to do a plan take-off, deal with suppliers, modify labor units to suit, and write the bid summary to prepare an accurate estimate, both manually and electronically better than Estimating Electrical Construction. Using this book is just as good as taking a for estimating materials and labor costs for residential and commercial electrical construction.

This brand new revised and updated edition demonstrates how an electronic measuring device with PC interface (also available from Craftsman), can be used to deliver the materials data into estimating software, which uses an up-to-date database of thousands of materials, labor and equipment costs to enable you to develop an error-free, reliable estimate in just minutes.

Estimating Electrical Construction is a great resource that also provides access to the software, plus over 60 free construction estimating forms.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. What Does It Take to Be an Electrical Estimator?, 5
  • 2. Finding Work & Submitting Bids, 13
  • 3. First Steps in Estimating, 31
  • 4. The Job Walk & Pre-Bid Conference, 45
  • 5. Accurate Material Takeoff, 53
  • 6. The Material Cost Estimate, 77
  • 7. Completing Your Estimate Manually (Labor, Equipment & Subcontractor Costs), 93
  • 8. Takeoff Worksheets with a Computer, 113
  • 9. Figuring Costs with the National Electrical Estimator, 145
  • 10. Overhead & Profit, 157
  • 11. Other Costs to Consider, 173
  • 12. Completing Your Estimates & Bids Manually, 183
  • 13. Completing Your Estimates & Bids Electronically using National Estimator & Job Cost Wizard, 191
  • 14. Cost Recording, 203
  • 15. Smart Bidding, 215
  • 16. Pricing Strategies & Selling Your Bid, 235
  • 17. Change Orders, 247
  • 18. Claims & Disputes, 259

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