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Electrical Safety of Low-Voltage Systems

Find all the information you need to minimize accident rates and ensure low-voltage system safety

Electrical Safety of Low-Voltage Systems

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Product Code: 9780071508186

ISBN: 9780071508186


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Electrical Safety of Low-Voltage Systems gives all readers a comprehensive safety regimen that is based on the fundamental characteristics of low-voltage electrical systems. This text fully explains the grounding and bonding of low-voltage systems as they relate to article 250 of the National Electrical Code. This text is an essential safety tool that gives an analytical approach to accident control in order to replace the haphazard rules of thumb currently in use. 352 pp.

Table of Contents:

  • Definitions and Nomenclature
  • Principles of Electrical Safety
  • The Ground Resistance
  • Human Body, Electrical Currents, and Bonding Requirements
  • TT Grounding System
  • TN Grounding System
  • Shock Hazard in the Presence of Protective Residual Current Devices
  • Protective Bonding Conductors: Are they always necessary?
  • Sizing Protective Conductors
  • Protection Against Indirect Contact without Automatic Disruption of Supply
  • Protection Against Indirect Contacts in Substations
  • Safety Issues in Interfacing with Electrical Voltage Systems at Different Power Levels

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