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Design-Build Essentials, 1st Edition

Design-Build Essentials is truly a design-builder's resource!

Design-Build Essentials, 1st Edition

Price: $99.95

Product Code: 9781428353039

ISBN: 9781428353039


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Cengage

From a leading authority in the design-build movement, this practical, multi-disciplinary guide brings you all of the fundamentals that constructors, architects, and engineers must understand in order to mitigate risks, optimize results, and be successful in the design-build arena.

Design-Build Essentials is truly a design-builder’s resource. It addresses the fact that design-build requires the unique integration of both design and construction functions by featuring input from all of the various players associated with delivering a design-build project.

Opening with an introduction to the industry and fundamental distinctions of design-build, the book progresses to cover managing the design-build process, the integrated design build team, and concludes with a look at the future of the industry. 320 pp.


  • Clear, straightforward, conversational writing style keeps readers engaged, while instilling need-to-know essentials of design-build.
  • Case studies and real project examples from the top design-builders in the US offer insight into the real-world challenges and unique solutions associated with design-build project delivery.
  • Industry Quotes from contractors, architects, engineers, and owners add credibility and currency to the book from an industry perspective.
  • Mentoring Moments from recent college graduates working in the design-build environment provide a clear and direct link between theory and real-world experience.
  • Take Away Tips provide practical advice that can be incorporated into design-build practice immediately.

If you want to know all about design-build, so that you can apply it in your company, this reference provides the complete oversight in an easy-to-understand format.

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