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Concrete Construction Professional’s Guide

Concrete Construction Professional’s Guide

Price: $30.95

Product Code: 9781572182370

ISBN: 9781572182370


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Craftsman

This comprehensive concrete manual has both the tried-and-tested methods and materials, and more recent innovations. It covers everything you need to know about concrete along with Styrofoam forming systems, fiber reinforcing adjuncts, and some architectural innovations, like architectural foam elements, that can help you offer more in the jobs you bid on.

Forming, one of the most important elements of concrete work, gets special attention. Innovative forming systems offer significant benefits, but many contractors steer clear because they’re unfamiliar. This book gives you the know-how, so you can take advantage of everything that’s out there. Every chapter provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for each task, with hundreds of photographs and drawings that show exactly how the work is done.

Here you’ll find:
To keep your jobs organized, there are checklists for each stage of the concrete work, from planning, to finishing and protecting your pours. Whether you’re doing residential or commercial work, this manual has the instructions, illustrations, charts, estimating data, rules of thumb and examples every contractor can apply on their concrete jobs.

  • How to select the right concrete material for the job
  • Laying out foundations and footings
  • Footing forms, including Form-A-Drain and stepped footings
  • Prefabricated building forms—plywood, corrugated-paper, and Steel-Ply forming systems
  • Insulated polystyrene concrete forms (ICFs), including ARXX and Outsulation systems
  • Planning the pour and pre-pour inspections
  • Concrete reinforcement
  • Pouring, testing, installing joints, finishing and curing the concrete
  • Hot and cold weather pours
  • Constructing and pouring foundation walls, slabs, sidewalks, driveways, curbs and steps
  • Shotcrete and gunite
  • Special concrete finishes and textures
  • Estimating concrete quantities for large and small projects
  • OSHA requirements for working with concrete

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