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Chemical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 7th Edition

The Chemical Engineering Reference Manual will help you prepare for your Chemical PE Exam

Chemical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 7th Edition

Price: $400.00

Product Code: 9781591264101

ISBN: 9781591264101


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Professional Publications

The Chemical Engineering Reference Manual (CHRM7) is the most thorough reference and study guide available for engineers taking the chemical PE exam. This updated 6th edition is current for the all-objective exam format. The manual is an invaluable study aid that offers comprehensive coverage of chemical engineering topics, and the inclusion of an excellent index makes this a reference you will continue to use long after the exam. 1120 pp.

Chemical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 6th Edition - Table of Contents:

  • Appendices Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Topic I: Mathematical Support
    • Systems of Units
    • Engineering Drawing Practice
    • Algebra
    • Linear Algebra
    • Vectors
    • Trigonometry
    • Analytic Geometry
    • Differential Calculus
    • Integral Calculus
    • Differential Equations
    • Probability and Statistical Analysis of Data
    • Numerical Analysis

  • Topic II: Fluids

    • Properties of Areas
    • Fluid Properties
    • Fluid Statics
    • Fluid Flow Parameters
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Hydraulic Machines
    • Special Fluid Topics

  • Topic III: Thermodynamics

    • Inorganic Chemistry
    • Fuels and Combustion
    • Energy, Work, and Power
    • Thermodynamic Properties of Substances
    • Changes in Thermodynamic Properties
    • Vapor Power Cycle Equipment
    • Vapor Power Cycles
    • Combustion Power Cycles
    • Nuclear Power Cycles
    • Gas Compression Cycles
    • Refrigeration Cycles

  • Topic IV: Heat Transfer

    • Heat Transfer: Conduction
    • Heat Transfer: Natural Convection
    • Heat Transfer: Forced Convection
    • Heat Transfer: Radiation

  • Topic V: Environmental

    • Water Supply Quality and Testing
    • Water Supply Treatment and Distribution
    • Biology and Bacteriology
    • Wastewater Quantity and Quality
    • Wastewater Treatment: Equipment and Processes
    • Activated Sludge and Sludge Processing
    • Municipal Solid Waste
    • Environmental Engineering

  • Topic VI: Mass Transfer

    • Basic Principles of Mass Transfer
    • Vapor-Liquid Processes
    • Liquid-Liquid Extraction
    • Solid-Liquid Processes

  • Topic VII: Kinetics

    • Kinetics

  • Topic VIII: Plant Design

    • Basic Chemical Plant Design
    • Psychrometrics
    • Ventilation and Humidification
    • Properties of Solid Bodies
    • Engineering Materials
    • Physical Properties of Construction Materials
    • Material Testing
    • Thermal Treatment of Metals
    • Modeling of Engineering Systems
    • Analysis of Engineering Systems
    • Process Monitoring and Instrumentation
    • Electrical Systems and Equipment
    • Illumination and Sound
    • Workplace Safety
    • Process and Production Optimization
    • Engineering Economic Analysis

  • Topic IX: Law and Ethics

    • Engineering Law
    • Engineering Ethics
    • Engineering Licensing in the U.S.

  • Topic X: Support Material

    • Appendices

  • Index

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