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Be a Successful Green Land Developer

Help the environment and your sales with this helpful text

Be a Successful Green Land Developer

Price: $34.95

Product Code: 9780071592598

ISBN: 9780071592598


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Bestselling author R. Dodge Woodson brings the growing number of options available for developing land without doing harm to natural areas. In this complete guide, he explains how such building techniques will improve the bottom line, increase sales, and help sustain the environment.

Be a Successful Green Land Developer addresses all the practical issues that arise when embarking upon green building projects. It explains every aspect of the subject, from getting started in the green building business to mastering green terminology to making money with green methods. Learn how to understand covenants, zoning requirements, and restrictions, write winning proposals, and expand business. The book also examines 20 common mistakes and how to avoid them. Green construction is here to stay. Use Be a Successful Green Land Developer as a roadmap to growth and profits in this exciting new realm of business. 352 pp.

This practical, plain-English guide to green land development includes:

  • Important insight into the costs associated with earth-friendly land development
  • Valuable tips on preparing winning bids
  • Step-by-step advice on expanding a green building business
  • Sample contracts, zoning forms, and development/broker forms

Develop a lucrative green development enterprise with valuable lessons on:

  • Using Green to Make Big Bucks
  • Building a Strong Development Team
  • Initial Investigations
  • Working with Real Estate Brokers
  • Setting Up Your Lenders and Investors
  • Soil Considerations
  • Calculating Land Losses for Roads and Green Space
  • Finding Suitable Development Property
  • What Makes a Project Viable?
  • Looking for Land in All the Right Places
  • Drainage Factors
  • Water Requirements
  • And More

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