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AutoCAD and Its Applications Advanced 2008, 15th Edition

The newly updated 15th Edition of AutoCAD and Its Applications Advanced

AutoCAD and Its Applications Advanced 2008, 15th Edition

Price: $51.95

Product Code: 9781590708323

ISBN: 9781590708323


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox

AutoCAD and Its Applications Advanced 2008, 15th Edition builds upon fundamental skills and techniques in order to provide students with comprehensive instruction on 3-D modeling, AutoCAD customization, visualization and an introduction to programming AutoCAD. Featuring more than 100 step-by-step exercises identified by specific references within the text, the book will provide students with hands on reinforcement of the topics. Exercises provided on the student resource CD allow students to refer to the steps on screen while working with the AutoCAD program.


  • Text provides step-by-step instruction in the use of AutoCAD commands. Chapter tests, available both in the book and on the Student CD, serve to review commands and key AutoCAD concepts.
  • Many modeling and customizing problems supplement each chapter. Problems are presented as 3D illustrations, actual plotted drawings, and engineering sketches.
  • “Caution” and “Note” icons call attention to special information in the text.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Three-Dimensional Drawing
  • Creating Primitives and Composites
  • Viewing and Displaying Three-Dimensional Models
  • Understanding Three-Dimensional Coordinates and User Coordinate Systems
  • Using Model Space Viewports
  • Text and Dimensions
  • Extrusions and Revolutions
  • Sweeps and Lofts
  • Modeling Details
  • Subobject Editing
  • Model Editing
  • Model Display and Analysis


  • Visual Styles and Rendering
  • Materials in AutoCAD
  • Lighting
  • Advanced Rendering Settings
  • Walkthroughs, Flybys, and Sun Studies
  • Using Raster, Vector, and Web Graphics


  • Customizing the AutoCAD Environment
  • Customizing Toolbars, Pull-Down Menus, and the Dashboard
  • Customizing Shortcut Keys, Shortcut Menus, and Double-Click Actions
  • Tool Palette Customization
  • User Profiles and Workspaces


  • Introduction to AutoLISP
  • Beyond AutoLISP Basics
  • Introduction to DCL
  • Introduction to VBA

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