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AutoCAD 2011 Tutor for Engineering Graphics

Learn how to take full advantage of AutoCAD 2011 to achieve professional results

AutoCAD 2011 Tutor for Engineering Graphics

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Product Code: 9781111135898

ISBN: 9781111135898


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Cengage

AutoCAD 2011 Tutor for Engineering Graphics is a well trusted and reliable reference that provides students with beneficial, self-paced tutorials designed to lead students from simple drawings to geometric constructions, section views, multiview projections, 3-D modeling and photorealistic rendering. The tutorials utilize a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow, and will enable students to quickly gain proficiency and successfully teach students how to take advantage of computer aided design.


  • Contains exercises that will encourage each reader to master the use of AutoCAD 2011 commands.
  • Provides realistic drawing problems as well as command specific exercises to support learning through the AutoCAD 2011 user interface.
  • Includes online companion with drawing files that will allow all users to view exercises, problems and tutorials in order to obtain immediate feedback on their progress while using AutoCAD 2011 functions and features.

New To This Edition:

  • Support files that are now posted through the online companion for download. This gives users an easy, quick and updated material list for printing or download.
  • New chapter sections to include “Try-Its” and tutorials in support of the AutoCAD 2011 updates.
  • Chapters have been reorganized in order to arrange material in a more logical order for instruction purposes.
  • Added emphasis on drawing scales.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Getting Started with AutoCAD.
  • 2. Drawing Setup and Organization.
  • 3. AutoCAD Display and Basic Selection Operations.
  • 4. Modifying Your Drawing.
  • 5. Performing Geometric Constructions.
  • 6. Working with Text, Fields, and Tables.
  • 7. Object Grips and Changing the Properties of Objects.
  • 8. Multiview and Auxiliary View Projections
  • 9. Creating Section Views.
  • 10. Adding Dimensions to Your Drawing.
  • 11. Managing Dimension Styles.
  • 12. Analyzing 2D Drawings.
  • 13. Creating Parametric Drawings.
  • 14. Working with Drawing Layouts.
  • 15. Plotting Your Drawings.
  • 16. Working with Blocks.
  • 17. Working with Attributes.
  • 18. Working with File References.
  • 19. Advanced Layout Techniques.
  • 20. Solid Modeling Fundamentals.
  • 21. Concept Modeling and Editing Solids, and Surface Modeling
  • 22. Creating 2D Drawings from a 3D Model.
  • 23. Producing Renderings and Motion Studies.

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