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AutoCAD 2009 for Interior Design: A 3D Modeling Approach

For interior design studio courses that incorporate 3D modeling

AutoCAD 2009 for Interior Design: A 3D Modeling Approach

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Product Code: 9780132342766

ISBN: 9780132342766


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Prentice Hall

AutoCAD 2009 for Interior Design: A Pragmatic Approach to 3D Modeling provides discipline-specific (interior design) 3D modeling and methods of digital illustration using a tutorial-based approach that covers the latest AutoCAD features and commands. This text provides students with the necessary experience and practice to produce and illustrate complex 3D interior components and furnished spaces in an amount of time that will allow additional studio projects to be completed in the course of one semester.

This text begins with basic concepts of 3D solid modeling. As the objects included in the chapter exercises increase in difficulty, so does the level of complexity of concepts and processes. This approach helps students understand and construct complex composite solid models. A portion of the book includes a four-part chapter on working with the soft goods such as draperies and tablecloths produced with surface modeling techniques. The text also includes a chapter on teaching students how to render an interior environment and a chapter exercise that teaches students to produce walk-through animations.


  • The introductory chapter introduces students to AutoCAD’s newest features, screen layout, standard features, menus, ribbon, menu button browser, toolbars, and various methods of command input.
  • A quick-start chapter helps students gain a quick, basic understanding of the processes and commands used to produce simple, single-component solid models. The basic commands and processes learned in this chapter are expanded and used in combination with other processes and commands to produce complex solid models in subsequent chapters.
  • An increasing complexity in solid modeling techniques empowers students to understand and construct complex composite solid models building on knowledge and skills gained from previous chapters.
  • Working with soft goods helps student understand the processes and commands for producing non-modular geometric shapes such as draperies and tablecloths or other forms whose final shape can be defined by curved edges.
  • Solid editing techniques promote students’ understanding of the process used to edit composite solid models to create similar, but different, objects - such as producing a chair that matches a previously created sofa. This saves time and increases accuracy.
  • By creating a furnished 3D space, students gain an understanding of basic modeling processes by producing interior components as well as a 3D space. Students then learn how to put all of the components together and view the interior environment as a rendered static view or as a walk-through animation.
  • Each chapter features objectives, introductions, drawing set-ups, begin-drawing instructions, exercises, summaries, test questions, key terms, command grids, tips, notes, and “what’s new in AutoCAD 2009” features.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Introduction to AutoCAD 2009
  • 2. Drawing Set Up
  • 3. Quick Start: Learning the Basics
  • 4. Lamp
  • 5. Glass Top Coffee Table
  • 6. Desk
  • 7. Desk Chair
  • 8. Bookcase with Adjustable Shelves
  • 9. Sofa
  • 10. Cabriole Leg
  • 11. Wing Chair
  • 12. Building an Office Space
  • 13. Furnishing the Office Space
  • 14. Working with Soft Goods
  • 15. Introduction to Rendering

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