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AutoCAD 2009 in 3D: Modern Perspective

The updated AutoCAD 2009 in 3D: Modern Perspective

AutoCAD 2009 in 3D: Modern Perspective

Price: $95.95

Product Code: 9780138135409

ISBN: 9780138135409


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Prentice Hall

AutoCAD 2009 in 3D: Modern Perspective offers a complete guide to the creation and modification of 3-D models using this software package. Embracing the full capability of the AutoCAD 3-D program, this text uses simple language as well as detailed illustrations in order to provide a foundation for the three basic modeling techniques. Chapters cover all aspects of the software, with heavy emphasis on everything that is needed in order to generate drawings, rendering and outputs. The text features icons throughout that will show all the AutoCAD 2009 enhancements, and many comprehensive projects, exercises and tutorials are also included, geared to the specific disciplines within the trade. This book is specially designed to enable students to easily gain a better understanding the software’s potential. 656 pages.


  • Provides instructors and readers with features, applications and uses of AutoCAD that are not always discussed in other textbooks.
  • Emphasizes modification and creation of 3-D models.
  • Introduces users to be software capabilities as well as practice.
  • Challenges the user to create two 3-D models prior to learning the theory behind the operations in use.
  • Provides specific information about the ways of invoking each command such as the control panel, toolbar icon in the pull down menu on the software program.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Introduction to 3D in the AutoCAD Program
  • 2. Quick-Start Tutorials
  • 3. Wireframe Modeling
  • 4. Creating and Modifying Faceted Surfaces
  • 5. Creating 3D Solids and Surfaces
  • 6. Editing 3D Solids and Surfaces
  • 7. Advanced Tutorials
  • 8. Generating Drawings and DWF Files
  • 9. Rendering and Other Presentations

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