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ASCE SEI 7-16 - Minimum Design Loads for Buildings

Get the most up-to-date codes and standards for coordinated loading and general structural design!

ASCE SEI 7-16 - Minimum Design Loads for Buildings

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Binding: Paperback

Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE SEI 7-16 - Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures provides the most recent and correct information on coordinated loading standards and general structural design. It was created by the committee on minimum design loads for buildings and other structures of the codes and standards activities division of the structural engineering institute of the ASCE. The ASCE 7-16 contains all the information you need from determining different loads times to the correct assessment of load combinations. It even goes over the loads times for weather conditions including flood, tsunami, snow, rain, atmospheric ice, earthquakes, wind and fire.

This is the most up-to-date publication of the ASCE 7. It includes updated information on speed maps, seismic maps, snow load maps, rain duration provisions and a new chapter on tsunami design. The ASCE SEI 7 is adopted in several different codes including the International Building Code, the International Residential Code, NFPA 5000 Building Construction and Safety Code, and the International Existing Building Code.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General
Chapter 2: Combinations of Loads
Chapter 3: Dead Loads, Soil Loads, and Hydrostatic Pressure
Chapter 4: Live Loads
Chapter 5: Flood Loads
Chapter 6: Tsunami Loads and Effects
Chapter 7: Snow Loads
Chapter 8: Rain Loads
Chapter 9: Reserved for Future Provisions
Chapter 10: Ice Loads – Atmospheric Icing
Chapter 11: Seismic Design Criteria
Chapter 12: Seismic Design Requirements for Building Structures
Chapter 13: Seismic Design Requirements for Nonstructural Components
Chapter 14: Material-Specific Seismic design and Detailing Requirements
Chapter 15: Seismic Design Requirements for Non-Building Structures
Chapter 16: Nonlinear Response History Analysis
Chapter 17: Seismic Design Requirements for Seismically Isolated Structures
Chapter 18: Seismic Design Requirements for Structures with Damping Systems
Chapter 19: Soil-Structure Interaction for Seismic Design
Chapter 20: Site Classification Procedure for Seismic Design
Chapter 21: Site-Specific Ground Motion Procedures for Seismic Design
Chapter 22: Seismic Ground Motion, Long-Period Transition, and Risk Coefficient Maps
Chapter 23: Seismic Design Reference Documents
Chapter 24: Reserved for Future Provisions
Chapter 25: Reserved for Future Provisions
Chapter 26: Wind Loads - General Requirement
Chapter 27: Wind Loads on Buildings - Main Wind Force Resisting System (Directional Procedure)
Chapter 28: Wind Loads on Buildings – Main Wind Force Resisting System (Envelope Procedure)
Chapter 29: Wind Loads on Building Appurtenances and Other Structures
Chapter 30: Wind Loads – Components and Cladding
Chapter 31: Wind tunnel Procedure
Appendix 11A: Quality Assurance Provisions (Deleted)
Appendix 11B: Existing Building Provisions
Appendix C: Serviceability Considerations
Appendix D: Buildings Exempted from Torsional Wind Load Cases
Appendix E: Performance – Based Design Procedures for Fire Effects on Structures
Commentary to Standard ASCE/SEI 7-16

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