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Architectural Lighting Design, 3rd Edition

Architectural Lighting Design, updated to its 3rd Edition!

Architectural Lighting Design, 3rd Edition

Price: $84.95

Product Code: 9780470112496

ISBN: 9780470112496


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Architectural Lighting Design, 3rd Edition offers students insight into the art and science of lighting in interior and exterior spaces. Students will learn how to utilize architectural lighting design to successfully enhance the built environment through integration of light and space while also including the needs of the occupants and the space. Teaching students about lighting Kateri, as well as offering a thorough overview of research techniques, lighting fixtures and document lighting solutions, this text also outlines quantitative and qualitative issues. Guidance on criteria development, concept development and design development are a cornerstone of this book. This book will balance the science and art of lighting design for all students.

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