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Architect’s Essentials of Contract Negotiation 2nd Edition

Easy access to crucial business information for design professionals

Architect’s Essentials of Contract Negotiation 2nd Edition

Price: $50.00

Product Code: 9780470426883

ISBN: 9780470426883


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

The Architect’s Essentials of Contract Negotiation is a useful resource written specifically for architects and design professionals, teaching them the art of negotiation so that they can better develop or refine their negotiation skills. This concise, easy-to-follow guide is written by an acknowledged expert in the field, and offers accessible, practical coverage of contract negotiation essentials related to growth, expansion, new management, internal transitions, mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, retirement, and more. 304 pp.

Architect’s Essentials of Contract Negotiation - Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Why You Want to Read This Book
    • How to Use This Book

  • Front-End Alignment

    • The Study
    • How to Use Front-End Alignment in Practice

  • The Purpose of Contracts

    • The Difference between Contracts and Torts
    • How Liable Are You?
    • The Purpose of Design and Construction Contracts
    • Liability

  • Power and Leverage: How to Get It and Keep It

    • Negotiation: What Is It?
    • Why Architects Fear Negotiation
    • Two Ways to Negotiate: Hard and Soft
    • Another Way of Negotiating: Principled
    • How to Negotiate on the Merits
    • There You Have It: Principled Negotiation

  • Preparation Tips

    • Who Prepares More?
    • Negotiating Fees
    • Fees as Grease: An Operational Theory
    • Defining Your Value
    • Making the Pie Bigger
    • Ava s Preparation Cheat Sheet

  • Power and Leverage Redux: The Skills of Expert Negotiators

    • The Three Classes of Communication Behaviors
    • Whom Do You Trust? Who Trusts You?
    • What Expert Negotiators Don t Do

  • How to Say Yes, How to Say No

    • Ava s Rules of Contract Interpretation
    • Applying the Rules
    • Putting the Rules to Work

  • When the Best Laid Plans

    • Recognizing Disputes
    • Handling Confrontations
    • Managing Change
    • Managing Claims

  • Pulling It All Together
  • Appendix: Building a Support System
  • On Selecting Your Lawyer
  • A Word to My Legal Colleagues
  • If You Want to Learn More
  • Index

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