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Arc Welding, 8th Edition

The write-in design of the text facilitates self-paced learning and evaluation of student progress

Arc Welding, 8th Edition

Price: $66.95

Product Code: 9781605251899

ISBN: 9781605251899


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox

Arc Welding, 8th Edition Offers a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals, techniques and skills associated with shielded metal arc and carbon arc welding processes. The text is presented in 36 easy to understand units with numerous detailed illustrations. The text approaches the comprehension of welding by offering margins with write-in design and self-paced learning through the evaluation of student progress. The book offers chapters on introduction to arc welding, welding safety, common types of welds and joints, arc welding equipment, electrodes, selecting proper electrodes and joint preparation. The book also covers running short beads, running continuous beads, padding, welding problems and how to solve them, controlling distortion and welding square groove joints. The book also offers chapters on careers in welding, quality control, identifying metals, welding pipe and carbon arc welding. Students will also learn about corner joint fillet welds, welding round stock in welding in the horizontal, vertical and overhead positions. 190 pp.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Introduction to Arc Welding
  • 2. Measurement in Welding
  • 3. Welding Safety
  • 4. Common Types of Welds and Joints
  • 5. Welding Symbols
  • 6. Arc Welding Equipment
  • 7. Types of Arc Welding Machines
  • 8. Electrodes
  • 9. Selecting Proper Electrode
  • 10. Joint Preparation
  • 11. Preparing to Weld
  • 12. Running Short Beads
  • 13. Running Continuous Beads
  • 14. Running Multidirectional Beads
  • 15. Padding
  • 16. Welding Problems - How to Solve Them
  • 17. Controlling Distortion
  • 18. Welding Square Groove Joints
  • 19. Single Fillet Lap Joint
  • 20. Single Pass Fillet Welds
  • 21. Multiple Pass Fillet Welds
  • 22. Single V Groove Butt Welds
  • 23. Corner Joint Fillet Welds
  • 24. Welding Round Stock
  • 25. Welding in the Horizontal Position
  • 26. Welding in the Vertical Position
  • 27. Welding in the Overhead Position
  • 28. Cutting with the Arc
  • 29. Welding Sheet Metal
  • 30. Hardsurfacing
  • 31. Carbon Arc Welding
  • 32. Arc Welding Aluminum
  • 33. Welding Pipe
  • 34. Identifying Metals
  • 35. Quality Control
  • 36. Careers in Welding

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