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AISC Shapes Database Versions 3.1 and 3.1H - U.S. and Metric units

AISC Manual of Steel Construction Shapes on CD

AISC Shapes Database Versions 3.1 and 3.1H - U.S. and Metric units

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Product Code: 170-CO24-94


Binding: CD-ROM

Publisher: AISC

The AISC Shapes Database V3.1H is a comprehensive guide that provides electronic access to dimensions and properties of shapes that have been published in the Manual of Steel Construction. This publication contains all shapes that have been published since the 5th Edition, and shapes from before that era as originally published in the book Iron and Steel Beams 1873-1952 (the predecessor to Design Guide 15). The database is the compilation of all of the structural steel shape dimensions recorded by AISC from 1873-1994.

Electronic access is provided for dimensions and properties of W-, M-, S-, and HP-shapes, channels (C- and MC-shapes), angles (L- and 2L-shapes), tees (WT-, ST-, and MT-shapes), hollow structural sections (HSS) and steel pipe (P, PX and PXX), as given in the AISC LRFD Manual of Steel Construction, 3rd Edition. U.S. customary and metric units included.

The CD also features the new AISC Search Utility for Structural Steel Shapes 3.1, an advanced search function that enables users to easily retrieve data from the AISC Shapes Database 3.1 and AISC Shapes Database 3.1H regarding dimensions and properties. Shapes can be searched for via a number of specified criteria, including properties based on Manual edition, type of shape, and shape designation. There is a quick find feature and a footnotes feature providing additional historic shape information, as printed in the out-of-print text Iron and Steel Beams 1873-1952.

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